How Did Doctors Not Know About the Risks of Hormone Therapy?

Women were placed in the way of harm by their physicians, who acted as unsuspecting patsies for the drug companies. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition …


  1. Truly disgusting and utterly repulsive and yet routine approach to medicine. Exactly how common is this prescribe first test and confirm later approach used in medicine in general. For example, Fosamax and bisphosphonates for osteoporosis is one of the most lucrative as well. Research funded by those seeking to profit was the foundation for the massive prescriptions as well. Prescriptions changed to limit exposure to five years after (too late for some) discovering the side effects including increased brittleness and increased fracture risk and necrosis of the jaw etc.. Once again seeming to do the opposite of what it is supposed to. Is this a similar example? Please do a video on this as this seems to one of the larger examples of this as well.

  2. I'm 67. My doctor keeps me on HRT for my bones. I have osteopenia. I would like to know what the facts are about HRT protecting bones.

  3. To all DES daughters now. Premarin killed my Mom and Sister. Never take Premarin it is horse urine. DES daughters should never take Estrogen unless a low amount after menopause only Estradiol the natural Estrogen. Beware of all Estrogens. Listen to other Videos educate yourself.

  4. As you know, much of this is being disputed now. For instance this British source said that study data was wrong: and yet, we know that discontinuation resulted in a sharp decline in breast cancer cases: This one really needs an update please.

  5. Been on low dose of estrogen and progesterone because of debilitating hot flashes. Don’t like it and want to get off them but the alternative sucks too. Any suggestions out there?

  6. The real scandal is that women are expected to suffer intolerable symptoms without safe and effective treatment. It's only when you've experienced a difficult menopause that you can understand how desperate it's possible to feel.

  7. This is harmful information. ESTROGEN SAVED MY LIFE when I had a very difficult menopause that caused me to have a serious depression which included suicide ideation. NOT ONLY THAT–estrogen SAVES LIVES–the lives of women who have total hysterectomies YOUNG (before the onset of natural menopause). You need to put that in there doc–as we now know that the botched WHI study which scared women off of estrogen in 2002 was DEADLY for upwards of 90,000 women who died prematurely due to overblown fears of Hormone Replacement. Shame on you for perpetuating this harmful lie that HRT is not safe. It cuts a women's risk of cardiac death by at least 30% and that is the #1 KILLER OF WOMEN. I am a hospital chaplain and I see half dead and falling apart women that are suffering tremendously because they never took HRT when they needed it. New forms of HRT are not only safe but the benefits outweigh risks. Women should NOT FEAR Hormones–they deserve to be "happy" and healthy for the length of their lives!!!!!!!

  8. How about birth control for hypothalamic amenorrhea/extremely low estrogen? Are there any treatments for this, other than supplementing with estrogen?

  9. Is there similar research about middle aged plus men taking testosterone supplementation whether by injection or patches?

  10. I should point out that the hormones in the 2002 WHI study were: Premarin (which is extracted from horse's urine, and contains several estrogens unique to horses, for which the human body doesn't have the enzymes and systems in place to deal with); and Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate), a synthetic hormone that doesn't occur in nature and is designed to mimic the effects of progesterone. Until recently, women's HRT has almost exclusively consisted of synthetic hormones and premarin rather than bioidentical estradiol and progesterone, and this is why its gained such a reputation for being dangerous. All synthetics seem to become toxic when used continuously over long periods of time (which is what happens with HRT).

    Initially, doctors tried using a synthetic hormone (methyltestosterone) for men's HRT, but this was soon abandoned and replaced with bioidentical testosterone when large numbers of patients given the drug began dying. For some reason, they've persevered with synthetics for women's HRT though (I guess for convenience, since synthetics are often fully effective given by mouth, whereas bioidentical hormones generally don't get absorbed well unless they're injected).

  11. "On one quarter of your diet you live, on the other three quarters lives your doctor." ~ ancient Egyptian inscription, circa 3800 BCE

  12. And we have the exact same reason for people not knowing about animal protein and many other topics important to human health. Thank you again Dr. Greger.

  13. Dr. Greger, are there any scientific studies done on the use of bio identical hormones? Is it safe as they claim? Hoping to find the science to back the positive claims. If you have done a review, please point me in that direction. Thank you 🙂

  14. We have put our trust in the hands of corporate filth,the food we eat and the medical "care" we receive is manipulated so badly these drug pushing doctors should be struck's not enough for me to pay a baker for a loaf of bread these days,he has to fill it with sugar(yes there's actually sugar in bread) and GMO and then sell it to me.,to make me addicted to it and eventually get sick and go to one of his doctor buddies for "treatment".They are all connected,the food industry,the medical industry and the chemical companies wrapping almost every single food product we buy in toxic plastic packaging.

  15. The old regimen drug, premarin, was made from horse urine. The new stuff is bio-identical and much less harmful.

  16. I've changed to plant based over the past six months and I'm in the peri menopausal stage of my life ( or maybe menopausal now ) my body temp, night sweats and mood swings have all changed dramatically. I think my hormones were causing a pain in my liver, bloods ultra sounds showed normal functioning but cutting out animal products has stopped the liver pain too. Thankfully I haven't needed the hormone replacement ….and now I know if it was suggested I'd say NO! 😅
    Changing how we eat really does make an extreme difference.

  17. My mother was born in 1929 and whatever a doctor told her to do, she figured was the best. She was on HRT and died at the age of 59 of breast cancer. I will never forget how furious my OB/GYN got with me when he was going to prescribe HRT and I refused it. He was livid! (I left him and got a female GYN.) Thanks to reading "The China Study" and then finding nutrition facts, I can make informed decisions and avoid making mistakes like the ones that probably cost my mom her life.

  18. Does anyone know of any alternative remedies for menopausal symptoms? I'm 35, but have been getting hot flashes for years and they're horrible. A dr did put me on estrogen and progesterone, but neither helped so I stopped. I'd love to know of any non harmful ways to treat menopausal symptoms.

  19. There is good evidence that hormone replacement therapy is good for women and their cancer risk if they take it in the transition to menopause. I worked on a menopause study that did just that. The women's health initiative have hrt to women who had been in menopause for close to a decade on average. Look up "the timing hypothesis" before you paint all hrt with the same broad brush.

  20. And that´s why I don´t trust Md´s……………If you have a broken bone, or a car accident, then they do a good job, in light of current medical knowledge and pretty much that´s it.!! Eyes open people. Be safe everyone.

  21. Yeah it's pretty old news that synthetic estrogen drugs are harmful to health. Bioidentical estrogen does wonders for health though. And just like testosterone, estrogen has plenty of beneficial health effects

  22. wouldn't it be all about sex? If they didnt have the estrogen the women wouldn't get wet and horny. Why don't you talk about that doc?

  23. The current state of medicine in some areas is no less than pathetic, because it's so influenced by big pharma working in collusion with corrupt government. The AMA pretends to be there to help innocent people when it's really there to maximize profits for big pharma and doctors.

  24. What about losing your period?

    I have had no period in three years, even though I went entirely whole-food plant-based a year ago.

    I am 18 and I have the progesterone of a post-menopausal women.

    My doctor gave me provera and I still have no period…

  25. A welcomed followup would be the significant increase in middle aged men now put TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). It's promises everything from weight and fat loss, to muscle gain, increased energy, better sex drive, and more. And it's not just seniors; men as young as their middle 40's are now taking it.

  26. My mum was on HRT for years, didn't have kids…(I am adopted ) and died of ovarian cancer.

    Probably had breast cancer as well but we will never know.

    Interestingly as well my mum also had a lot of hormone treatments for her fertility earlier in her life…so all this combined I was not at all surprised to see this related to why I had to see my lovely mum taken away by ovarian cancer. Their generation was none the wiser like Dr.Greger said…OUR's make your own decisions. And talc…that's another topic on its own!!

    Finally my mums heart was as strong as could be, and withstood 3 separate full cycles of chemo, until it finally took her down 🙁

  27. as a pharmacist, I still see prescriptions of estrogen to relieve menopausal symptoms. Some women wouldn't stop, even if they're fully aware now of the breast cancer risk. crazy, huh ?!

  28. I wonder if this also applies to the contraceptive pill… there have been numerous deaths due to embolisms in the lungs caused by new models of the pill

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