How Can CBD Help Athletes? Performance Benefits and Recovery with CBD Oil – Thomas DeLauer

HOW DOES CBD HELP ATHLETES? The use of CBD is becoming widespread for people with a variety of different conditions, from anxiety and sleep disorders …


  1. The therapeutic benefits of CBD are becoming well known. Are you an active person who uses CBD to boost athletic performance, recovery, or mood? Let us know how CBD helps you!

  2. Why use something that has only minimal potential, due to only being an isolate? With CBD, you're basically only sending in a quarterback for a football game, instead of the whole team.

  3. I had a neck fusion over 2 years ago . I deal with tightness and soreness in the neck and shoulder area every day. I have tried cbd lotion and roll on for the last 3 mos . It might give me a little relief but not much. Just wondering if the liquid drops might work better . Anybody had any experience?

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