House Passes Bill Allowing Banks To Work With Legal Cannabis Companies

September 26, 2019 C-SPAN News U.S. House of Representatives Debates Marijuana Banking Bill U.S. House of Representatives voted …


  1. will only benefit the jew mafia monopoly that controls the "legal" cannabis industry
    grow your own buy from a friend or caregiver , DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CRIMINAL HOOK NOSED INFLUENCE PEDDLERS !
    BTW here is an example of what these jews idea of "legal" cannabis is for the average gentile

  2. “public safety issue” for republicans? bullshit! Billions more dollars going through the banking system means more bucks in their pockets

  3. Legalize this amazing medicine. If anyone here suffers pain, anxiety, depression use THC and CBD 1:1 tinctures. It's a life changer.

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