Hill Street Beverage Company Inc (CVE:BEER) CEO on 2019 Revenue Growth Target

Hill Street Beverage Company Inc (CVE:BEER) (OTCMKTS:HSEEF) CEO Terry Donnelly is ecstatic about the company’s first quarter. Hill Street’s Q1 reporting …


  1. How does the host not know about the venture exchange? What qualifications does he have? This is basic information any stock trader should know in their first month.

  2. This is honestly such a disappointing interview. In nearly 12 minutes essentially zero new information was provided and we heard far more from a confused, rambling, and borderline incoherent host than the CEO of the company. Nothing personal against the host, some people just aren't cut out for this kind of thing. Yeah, we get it, the beer tastes great, but that's something we can figure out by going to the store and picking up a case. What we can't just go to a store for is information on company progress and developments. I'm well aware that big releases wouldn't come in a youtube video, but this interview, if you can really call it that, is so barren of substance and value – or even a sense of preparedness really – that it should be an embarrassment to Midas Letter. Whatever this train wreck was, it wasn't journalism. If I were Terry Donnelly I'd think this was pretty damn disrespectful, and I'd look for somewhere else to spend my PR time.

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