Here's the explanation behind ranking of women on a scale of 1-10 – The Wicked Edition episode 135

Government announces closure of bars for census exercise and the reactions from alcohol lovers is hilarious, in a week full of drama and interesting news, Dr.


  1. I love your arguments @Dr_kingori so mature, parental oriented and on point..back to that guy DNG, you have no point at all you sound so immature with no moral hypocrite … you should know garbage- in garbage-out, what we see is what we tend to do, "that's the generation we are"
    I support the ban of music that promotes promiscuity !!!

  2. I am looking forward to a show with a medical practioner, for instance take a survey with your audience.. how many #Wamlambez/Wamnyonyez would be able to successfully perform a simple first aid procedure to a chocking baby/adult? A patient/healthy person who has fainted/collapsed or even how many are able can perform a CPR? How many can dress a wound or stop a bleeding. With your audience all over the world I think this can be informative and may one-day save someone in-need such assistance. #JustSaying. By the way thanks for always posting informative content. #YouTubeGang

  3. Meehn King'ori napenda show mbaya sana kila githaa Friday ikiisha lazma the next day nidownload iyo episode…uko firii!

  4. Kingori sazingine unakatsia guest akileta point relevant. But apart from that the show is always good….the only kenyan tv show i watch

  5. Kingori yaaani sisi wa Youtube ndio tunawatch na mbs mob ni sisi ungepea… Watu ws fb wanatumia FB for free… Nikiii menk

  6. Kwa nini hupeani bundles kwa sisi Youtube gang???? Aaai acha ubaguzi.. nipee izo bundles and i will share tether wasee wa base wawatch kwanza ile show ya Pastor Kush hehe

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