Here are the pros and cons of weed legalization

Melissa Moore, deputy director of New York State Policy Office, and Luke Niforatos, chief of staff and senior policy advisor at SAM, debate whether pot should be …


  1. As long as the kids Can still alcohol at any convenient store I i’m going to go say weeds better because at least you can’t steal that from a dispensary

  2. Straight stupid. Makes me wanna write a whole essay on the topic.
    Endless reasons for why it needs to be legalized and regulated.

  3. Wtf ever lmao if it was legal everywhere then you would see real results but you can’t use just one state stats because y’all Half ass it .

  4. That guy had no clue about his own state. They sell marijuana in Breckinridge which happens to not be a minority city. Obvious liar! Chances are he had a bad experience and now has a vendetta against the best flower out there.

  5. the facts don't lie.

    Cigarettes: legal, harmful, major cause of most Cancer's and sometimes death but still legal

    Alcohol: legal but harmful and cause of liver cancer and sometimes death

    weed: not legal barely harmful and has not killed a single person

  6. As long as everyone is legally allowed to grow and sell weed that's gone through proper regulatory standardized testing then that would solve a lot of problems. Like how everybody can Homebrew and sell alcohol, needs to be like that for weed. Simple.

  7. Drugs are here to stay no matter what we do, we have to control and regulate it, if police cant keep drugs out of prisons, how are they going to keep it out of the streets. Quit making drugs some overated substance and cleary warn the dangers.

  8. it makes absolutely no sense why its illegal. how is it legal in 33 states and its a schedule 1 drug?? make it make sense

  9. Nah, he doesn’t believe what he’s saying. But there’s gotta be someone to fill in the seat. He did a really good job lol.

  10. The best play in the mj sector is Cronos group. Altria will put them in the US market in a big way with their distribution into over 230,000 stores. And Altria has people in place with fda , they've been dealing with fda regulations a long time, the company knows its way around. Altria is the perfect marriage for cronos. Merger with Philip Morris will even be greater for cronos stock in terms of global distribution. Long term this will be a great play. And may even top cgc and Tillray.

  11. The fuck is this guy talking about? Yes 99% of potency can be achieved but the average bud that American consumers consume is between 20%-25%. 30% and up if you ain't got nothing planned for today.

  12. Putting people in cages for ingesting a plant might be wrong but stealing the fruits of their labor through inflation is totally legit and quite necessary of course..

  13. Decriminalizing only strengthens the Cartels. Legalize it and regulate it's uses. Big tobacco is only dangerous because the functions of tobacco is only to smoke it. The people running big tobacco are just business people who want to make money. Pot will have different uses than tobacco and different health effects so it will have different incentives for how to make money. Watch Altria become a health food company if that what customers demand. Altria just wants to make money.

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