1. to hell with the tobacco companies and their products- they have lied to people for so many decades, and killed so many people with their products, I wouldn't even begin to want to use their products- I would rather buy products from companies that aren't affiliated with the diabolical tobacco companies…

  2. I've actually tried vaping tobacco in a herbal vaporizer (the ones usually used to either medically or recreationally use cannabis) and… well… it's just… not the same ;p It definitely works though.

  3. $30 per two days is incredibly expensive I mean I live in FL and we have fairly low taxes on cigs and all but it costs people here about $4 for generic cigs and $6 for name brand without sale

  4. Juul is amazing for quitting smoking. That's what I need/use. Whats a good alternative for them? Something that isnt cheap as f and hits consistantly?

  5. Actually the eclipse cigarette was one of the first on the market. It had it heating element in the tip and would not burn the tobacco. They were terrible.

  6. i tried it here in south africa and sorry to say but eew. i will not recomend it to anyone. stick to vaping. i am now a month and a half cigarette free.

  7. you won't inhale the carcinogens coming from the smoke … and as far as vaping who knows whats in that crap… all i know is vaping makes my mouth feel weird and dry

  8. 60 ml a month ?? Maybe for mtl setup, but need saltnic. with freebase that dave shows is DL setup.
    have been vaping 6 month ,the longest time for me is 60 ml will only last 1 week. If only salt nic is same price with freebase 🙁 here in indonesia salt nic is double the freebase price, so from price point of view, my expenses is the same with smoking as usual, used to smoke daily 15 to 20 cig with clove (kretek cigarettes, stronger nicotine and tar).

  9. Wow, glad I watched video, just got a flyer in the mail for preorder and say 75 bucks off, but still want 80 bucks at pickup, no sticks included! Wow, seems like they would let it go way cheaper considering price of sticks you still gotta pick up at limited places as they say can't ship. Thanks for video, think I'll pass on this option.

  10. thing is, that Canada restricted standard yellow pack, original European sticks that taste really good and the only Canada has is harsh orange and red packs, those are disgusting. You still could buy from people on kijiji even parliament and Korean sticks, even cheaper than in IQOS store, couple of them in downtowns

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