Hearing held over marijuana legalization in NH

New Hampshire lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday for and against legalizing recreational marijuana, as advocates for legalization believe this is the year it …


  1. Good job, NH and Rep. Cushing!
    Soon all of New England will be marijuana-friendly. Freedom for Americans to partake and public money to benefit us all.

  2. I think like I said all cops are bad all over the world for what they allow cops to do in nh with the real estate targeting and over policing and all the drugs and forced injections are all the governments fault in nh not the peoples fault. Corruption leads to addiction addiction leads to corruption

  3. Marijuana ain’t going away. You may as well legalize it and use the tax revenues to fund police and fire departments.
    The prudes don’t say much as they drive to these meetings to protest marijuana…yet they pass countless bars, liquor stores, convenience stores and supermarkets that sell alcohol.
    Take a hard look at the crime statistics involving alcohol….marijuana ain’t even close.

  4. Ok,smoking marijuana when driving. Alcohol they will go through a stop sign. Marijuana they will wait for it to turn green.

  5. Legalizing cannabis will be a pivotal agricultural, economic, and social justice opportunity for New Hampshire. Kudos to Rep. Renny Cushing for introducing his legislation.

  6. The government is not there to restrict the freedoms of the people, it is there to ensure the freedoms of the people. Smoking cannabis has never and will never be a crime the only crime is the immoral illegalization of a god-given plant.

  7. I think it is wrong to collect revenue from drug use. We are already dependent on the drunk population for money. This is a bad idea that will do more harm than good. We already have medical so the opioid patients will be able to enroll in that program.

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