1. Why can frozen berries sometimes be more nutritious than fresh berries? Many fresh fruits, like berries, and some vegetables too, are picked before they are ripe. This allows them time to fully ripen during transportation, but it means they had less time to obtain and develop a full range of vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants with help from the soil. Berries destined to be frozen, on the other hand, are picked at peak ripeness, when they’re most nutritious. Both fresh and frozen berries are wonderfully nutritious, and incredibly antioxidant rich; include these little gems in your meals and snacks whenever possible 🙂

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    Very calm, motivating and healing…
    Namaskaarem RESPECT

  3. I love the seeds in the jar idea. And that humans pinwheel 😋 Would you be willing to share that recipe with us? I really want to merge into being a vegetarian and so far, your videos have helped me. Thank you 🙏🏽

  4. I love my bircher oats and I add my seed choice to the mix (chia, pepitas, sunflower), a grated apple, almond milk, dried sultanas, dried apricots (cut into slices) – then in the morning I add some yoghurt, 1/2 a banana and berries, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It feels so good to start the day this way and eating healthier is making me happier. I am walking more and I'm even enjoying the cold weather.

  5. A few questions!
    1. What food processor do you suggest? I’m really getting into this healthy lifestyle and all we have currently is a blender!
    2. What storage containers do you use? I feel like the ones we have just don’t keep the food very well

  6. You are not a YouTuber, blog'er, or nutrition, BUT YOU A food University , this is my second writing to you, more than 1000 +
    Watchers is my best friend.
    Your greenary decor picture is required.

  7. Really enjoyed this video. My diet is killing me. I live alone and want to quit meat and eat what my body needs but changing, finding and planning and preparing the ingredients of a new diet is not at all straightforward. I end up doing intermittent fasting (irregular meals) by default. Thanks for the tips. Nice presentation and very clear you know your stuff!

  8. So glad I came across your video. A great reminder on trying to not eat on impulse. Enjoyed all the tips. Thank you!

  9. Tips that will help you also are:
    1. Always cut your veggies and fruits to a small size and store them in zip-loc bags. Label them for either snack or meal and put them in the fridge…make sure you have for the whole week.
    2. To make peanut butter more digestible, because it seems like it never wants to go down that easy for me or maybe you… add water to the peanut butter and mix. Just add a glass of water. Now add jogurt to the peanut butter. After all this is done put in the freezer for one day. This will make sure that the peanut butter doesn’t turn to water or some shit like that. Now unfreeze the peanut butter and enjoy. The peanut butter will be softer and more like eating a chocolate on a warm summer day.

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