1. Hey bro quick question I'm no noob at all but have an issue I've never had 1 of my bottom stocks snapped at the base my buds are fat as fuck rn and the plant comes down in about 4 days it's basically ready if the stem snapped (not main stock) should I harvest now will it herm on me in the next few days due to stress I will add I have top tier genetics I've legit never had a herm with my genetics their prime do you think I be ok I got pounds rn and I'm afraid of the herm

  2. Same shit here with the mold….PNW is getting hit hard. But on the bright side the shroomz are doing better than ever. Have a great day!

  3. been doing a everclear run on fresh flower starting to go brown.lite rinse in freezer gives such a nice light yellowish color,taste is good to.
    white hairs dying off early outdoor.next to u in wa, last 2 days have been good sunlight.hope it last cause I easy got another month to go on some strains.

  4. why you throw the leaves on the ground?! you can make green hash with them by dry sifting through a T-shirt method

  5. I Lov My WoodBrunner. 1St Timer Who Randomly Throw Some Seeds In An Empty Garden Bed I Had. Now I’m A Few Weeks Away From Harvest.

  6. I cover the top of my soil with a garbage bag with a slit all the way down the center. Then place an object on top to hold it down from blowing away in the wind. This helps keep too much moisture around the base of my plant and from being overwatered. Moisture SUCKS.

  7. Hey anyone got any advice for drying cannabis without a ac dry room? I stay in a rural area and the heat is a bit brutal out here, every time I harvest I have to turn everything into fresh frozen and extract, and when I try to dry the bud it tastes like crap cause the tempatures I'm in, any help would be appreciated,

  8. That is a nice living room with buds on the ceiling..ur back yard looks nice with the rain coming down..maybe u should put a fan outside so it can blow off the water off the trees..

  9. Love your vids. Really enjoy the keep it simple method. Love how you grow in the ground not every one can grow indoors keep up the good work.

  10. Thanks for taking your time to film during a busy period when harvesting an dealing with mould. Wish I come send you some beans from up here in Canada, early finish an mould resistant. I’ve found a good treatment of neem oil beforehand will act systematically an prevent even powdery mildew from forming. Hopefully you get a good yield, you have some beautiful plants! Cheers friend

  11. Thanks for the little tips on how you do things. I wish I could hang + dry in the house with a wood stove! I really hope the weather gets better for you & gives you some dry sunny days. Peace

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