1. A joke. Today (June 29,/2019) in 'Daily Reckoning' Dent states that Gold will fall to $450. Of course he will send you his 'exclusive' insight but only if you subscribe. Beware folks… this dude is a con artist. Convincing talker though, but still a conman. Beware !

  2. Why would foren countrys sell us bonds to protect from a higher usd makes no sense. If china is selling us bonds i wouldent buy them china is smart.

  3. Harry Dent is a BS artist who has been saying gold will crash and burn for years. Now when that did not work, he tries to get new clients from his latest story. He may even be correct one day, but it won't be from any smarts or diligence he has.

  4. Just want to mention that by 5 minutes Harry says he updated his "gold crash" prediction to say it had some amazing holding power and stayed above $1,000 after all — like BTC he says he expected would return to $1000 but apparently it had some magic properties that made it go sideways at $4,000…. I am hoping it will go lower still, personally….
    Interesting that they say the top countries have like 50,000 metric tons of gold "in reserve"….

  5. Harry made one good call back in 1993, and has been living off of it ever since, in spite of being wrong about everything since. He's not worth two seconds of your time.

  6. The man is wrong!

    the above was posted 20 Nov 2018, when gold was $39277.84 and silver was $460.52
    (approximately as I am reading these numbers of a graph)



    and today 10th Jan 2019, gold is about $41379, up 5.3%
    and silver is $501, up 8.8%

    in fact when he said that, both gold and silver were near their annual lows,
    so he wasnt just wrong, he was almost completely wrong!

    I think his cycles are dented!

    cycles are hocus pocus, there is no scientific basis to them,
    they are just correlative coincidences.
    if they are so good how come he isnt wealthy (judging by the stuff in his room),

    correlation of speculated things is highly dangerous in financials,
    you can lose a lot of money on correlative coincidences.

    generally speaking the only accurate predictions of metals are shorter term
    and are based on the futures markets, essentially on the volumes and
    ratios of shorts to longs.

    essentially if the volumes are high and the market is tilted heavily to shorts or longs,
    then you can make predictions that you can put money on. But only people in the industry
    know the more accurate numbers.

    the general public only have access to the Commitment of Traders reports
    which are official documentation of the futures market.

    The truth is that the dollar is in big trouble, and generally all precious metals are good in the medium term,
    ie the opposite of what Dent is saying. He is either completely wrong or he is an agent of disinformation.

  7. Followed Uncle Harry, smart man but totally off on this next gold/silver prediction. Cycles are important but are based on human sentiment, psychology, etc. Are people today the same as 30, 60,90 years ago. I don't think so, but he assumes they are which is his biggest predictive analysis failure. Knowing the past is easy, predicting the future is quite different. As of 1/1/19 I'm full into gold/silver and cash waiting for this next crash/monetary reset. Harry is smart, but I think the BRICS countries and JP Morgan are smarter and they are buying physical gold/silver like never before in history………..buckle your seat belts, it's going to be a historic mess and grab your non paper gold/silver now while you can.

  8. Unfortunately, Dent is avoiding the underlying drama of the global financial system being in the hands of a few despots for the benefit of a few at the detriment of the many.

    And like any Tsunami hit country, it's too late to avoid so the victims of its devastation are those who didn't see, hear or "expect" to be wiped out….

  9. The economists, financial advisors and investors such as Peter Schiff, Michael Pento, Jim Rickards, James Turk, Eric Sprott and on and on and on, are all incorrect and ignorant to what is truly going on with the global economic crisis. Economists are analyzing a crisis that has nothing to do with the money.

    Their mistake is simple; they are all utilizing past education instead of current information and incorrectly focusing on their individual area of "expertise" like the money, metal, oil, markets, etc.. The global economic crisis is about none of these things.

    This global economic crisis has nothing to do with America and its citizens nationally; it has to do with the nations and citizens of the world internationally. It is about one world government formation by way of global financial collapse and one world currency creation.

    Most of the "intelligent" people of the world are misdirected as well. The article written by Dr. Paul Roberts stating. “And I think it’s dishonest when the Federal Reserve, instead of stating the real problem, pretends that it’s working on a solution."

    The truth of the matter is that the FR is one of the most pinnacle front organizations for the agenda to deliberately collapse the global financial system to create an exponentially more powerful "world federal reserve" to be given a name at inception. The plan behind the FR has always been to collapse and NOT be "…. working on a solution". Dr. Roberts is misdirected in his thinking with relationship to the Federal Reserve and how it is literally owned and being utilized by a large Non American conglomerate pursuing a specific agenda to form a one world government.

    Listening to most of todays "top economic authorities" has little real value in learning the truth about the global financial crisis. Utilizing mainstream media guarantees this statement. Economists have great difficulty letting go of the single most important fact necessary to discover the truth. The fact is all they have learned throughout an entire lifetime of study and experience has been a LIE, ALL OF IT. This results in blindness to the most fundamental truth behind the global economic crisis. The truth is money is a tool, a tool of CONTROL, nothing more. It is a tool to be deliberately discarded for a more improved version of control. The tool of money along with many other tools is being utilized in unification for an all-important much greater purpose which is One World Government formation.

    First, it must be understood there are only two types of people in the world, those who control and those not wanting to be controlled. It is, always has been and always will be that simple. Control is ALWAYS the agenda and it is ALWAYS by force whether it is physical and, or psychological regardless if the prey is civilian, corporate, political or whomever. This article will focus on the "controllers", their "tools" and their agenda.

    The labels for the "controllers" in present-day media are numerous. Who are they specifically?, names such as the Bilderberg’s, Globalists, Tri-Lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Elite and on and on and on is irrelevant. What is relevant is that these "controllers" exist, consist of an absolutely huge international cartel and are in possession of supremely powerful international powers. Despite their huge numbers, they represent a small minority in comparison to the world’s “controlled” citizen population. These huge cartels in possession of not only extreme international powers but also EXTENSIVE concealed knowledge of the highest levels. (Expanded later)

    Most important to understand is the cartels are working in a unified “democratic” partnership toward a mutually beneficial agenda of global control which has spanned the length of decades. In this article let us simply refer to the huge international conglomerate in possession of the world’s most profound powers of control pursuing One World Government as simply, the "Group".

    The Group's agenda to collapse the global financial system is to attain the "Holy Grail" of Power,

    One World Currency.

    Currently, different than any time in history, most worldwide currencies are under unified direct control of a huge conglomerate Group. This internationally unified Groups agenda is about continuing the control over ALL ASPECTS of money in a much more permanent form globally by way of one world currency formation.

    Never in the history of the world has there been such a massively huge international conglomerate in possession of such profound global powers working together in aggressive pursuit of along term singular focused agenda. Their agenda spanning decades has been to form a one world currency and One World Government controlled by them.

    The previous history of fiat money failure by individual nations has NO bearing on what is currently going on. Any economist using graphs, statistics and on and on from past or recent historical information or touting the inevitable "failure" of fiat currency are absolutely clueless to the profound truth of the matter concerning "the money" in the worlds present situation.

    In the past, the people controlling the money did not have a large number of other international powers required to enable successful one world currency and government formation. At current date, after decades of continual effort, they do. Today the numerous extreme global powers, partnerships and alliances acquired by the Group pursuing NWO have superseded all the non-participating international governmental powers.

    Just as gaining ownership and control of the world reserve USD currency gave the Group astronomical power, owning and controlling the one world currency will be the Holy Grail of Power to GUARANTEE the same Group to form and be the PERMANENT controllers of a One World nondemocratic Government. It is THAT simple.

    The money “tools” and the U.S. Federal Governments partnership to the Group.

    At the present day the Group controls the world’s financial system. This direct and forced indirect control encompasses ALL currencies. The important thing to understand is that the control of the world’s financial system is not by ANY nation, government or citizens of the world nor is it governed by any democratic process of the citizens of the world using these currencies. The immense global financial system is controlled by the Group and for all practical purposes, the Group answers to NO ONE other than themselves. (To expand later) Also important to understand is that the acquisition of owning, controlling the USD and turning it into the "world reserve currency" was NOT by accident but just one part of a long-term singular focused agenda

  10. I cant believe people would invest in precious metals. Just look at history and see what the annual return on gold was over the last 10 years and compare it to the S&P 500.

  11. If you keep predicting a bubble popping, eventually it will, and then you can crow about how right you were, without mentioning how wrong you were twenty times before.

  12. Just stop give the people a chance and go do something else. None of your funds made any money and had to close. You’re useless.

  13. This man is a devil. Run as far away as you can. The biggest LIAR ADVISOR I ever seen. His Hell In 21 days advisory since 2012 and still here? Shameless men!

  14. This is obviously a paid self funded interview. Scripted and predictable. Why the interview from his living room? Where's the office?

    My view is gold and silver is the opposite of the current system. Seems logical to get some

  15. They always talk about the punchbowl for cheap debt, but I really like the crack metaphor a lot more. The gain is so temporary compared to the damage done.

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