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  1. Hope everyone had a great week. If you have any questions just hit me up in the comment section.


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  2. This may have been asked but, how often do you top w Gaia after the initial amendment and with how much? Want to make the switch but there isn't much info out there. Thanks

  3. Thanks for this guide. You referred me the other day in the US for 4-4-4 of the "Down to Earth" brand. I was trying to match up also with the 2-8-4 but seems that in the US there tends to be a lot of 2-8-6, and assuming that is fine. I will have to look into what those ratios are and how they affect each other. I like the cuts at the end of video since your work throughout is super polished and cinematically very clean.

  4. I switched to an organic nutrient after using fox farm for a few months. But the DAY after I added geoflora to my pots I instantly got white mold over the tops of the coco. I use all the ventilation tips you suggest and a dehumidifier in the tent. Anything I might not be thinking of?

  5. Very informative bro. What do you think of the Mars led 1000 ts for my 3×3 tent ? Any help is appreciated, 1st grow coming.

  6. Do you run 5.8 yo 6.1 ph because of the coco or do you run higher ph, like soil, because of the amendments? Thanks in advance.

  7. Do you follow a specific schedule for your top dressing or just eyeball it? I'm trying to get away from liquid nutes but i need to know more about the dry amendments.

  8. Brand new grower coming in soon. I got a couple clones headed my way, and I plan on indoor growing. Your videos are awesome and I binge watched your videos for about 2 hours now and learned quite a bit.

    Quick question, can you transplant to different soil? My clones are probably coming in a homemade compost or store bought soil and I wanted to use coco ammended but I'm not sure if I can grab the ammendates locally. What do you suggest?

  9. Hey thanks for everything my babies are looking good. So happy that I found you one of the best channels on YouTube for marijuana. You should look into writing a book.

  10. Hey Matt, amazing videos man! Just a quick one, what do use to PH down? General ph down solution or some sort of organic ph down?

  11. Hi great video. Could u tell me the nutrients u for the plants and the soil mix please. It was to fast in the video for me to hear

  12. What's up Mr. Canucks I go back and watch your video old videos all they way to the newest ones just to see how far you came.. Your growing technique is very stable and you've turned me to grown organic…. Watch out Michigan I have some plans

  13. I’ve been watching your channel for only about a month or so now. I have followed several cannabis inspired channels to educate myself and get started on a grow of my own. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your thoroughness!! But not only that, your editing ability and attention to detail make it not only educational but very entertaining to watch! I will be going back through your library and leaving comments to help out as much as I can! 👍🏼👍🏼

  14. new grower. still confused with ph. im using Pro-Mix Mycorrhizae Growing Medium in containers. what is the ideal ph for veg and flower please? love your channel. great info.

  15. Hey I love all your videos and trust your advice I’m a huge fan you plants or always beautiful man but I’m looking for some advice on feeding so I guess jus hit me up if you feel like answering a few questions it would greatly be appreciated

  16. Hey Dude. I keep hearing you say to use 4 table spoons of the Gaia green per gallon of medium but the back of my 4-4-4 says to use 120ml or 8tbs or 1/2 a cup per gallon? I'm confused… sexual…

  17. I was wondering if there was a substitute for the dry organic fertilizers as the Gaia products aren't easily available to get in the states. The links also won't ship to my address.

  18. Hi, I respect your work and I like it. Would you please answer a question for me, what kind of supplement do you use in addition to gaia green to control your magnesium?
    Boni from Germany

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