1. RED STATE FOR MICHIGAN!! Stop these idiots before they ruin detroit altogether VOTE RED GET RID OF THIS LIER WHITMER

  2. You honestly had my vote because of this and several other issues.  You have now lost my vote because of NON STOP advertising on youtube.  Very big misstep in what I believe should be a far better use of time.

  3. Oh PLEASE smoke it up and burn out that stinking feminist mind, Gretch!! Get all the weed you can and burn it all night long. You're halfway there already! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  4. I feel our choices for Governor aren't that great. But i do feel that Top Cop ( her opponent ) will try & ruin our vote once it passes. Tough choice…

  5. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  6. Don't take it away from the sick kids. I worked for Cannabiotics 2 years ago and we helped at the time 56 of the 114 kids in the state

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