GR to vote on pot licensing ordinance next month

Grand Rapids is one step closer to establishing the rules regulating recreational marijuana in the city. (Sept. 24, 2019)

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  1. I think that's going to be a really great for the city then it won't be any excuses when people go into buildings and hand are going to put power assist doors in the front entrance is the bathrooms or if they have a basement they're going to have an elevator put in or they're not going to get that building based on profitability and the failure of a city who keeps passing ordinances but doesn't look at the federal monies that are coming in or may not come in. As they do additional research on marijuana that it is a estrogen inhibitor. We don't need people coming back five or ten years from now stating that they've got some kind of deficiency because that is what the plant-based is about. That they developed a disease based on the plant how is growing what chemicals they might have used. What herbicides they use compared to say non-GMO organic food. We don't need Massimo lawsuits in the future because people made bad choices. just like the problem they had with 200 forms of chemicals that were in cigarettes. But the good news is tobacco kills. And marijuana heels.

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