1. This makes me sick the USA is the worst when it comes to human rights u can just see it in previous administrations till now smh it’s bad enough we as patients live in fear of our kids being taking away because we want to make a alternative choice to these pills fuck the government for treating us less than human

  2. These guys are millennials so the best way to communicate that they don't need to use weed is it turns out chemotherapy is a really effective "life hack" for getting rid of cancer 🤔

  3. Tragedy all around. On one hand, leukemia has become more survivable due to chemotherapy and other modern treatments, but the side effects can be terrifying and doctors often don't help parents with the supports they need to cope with the suffering they see their child going through. I do understand that must be heart breaking for the parents 💔 yet I understand the need for intervention by authorities in a case where the chemotherapy treatment has a proven track record of success over the alternative treatment. I am very glad to hear that the grandparents are giving the youngster the CBD and cannabis as a complimentary treatment with the proven treatment as it should ease some of the side effects of the chemo and may also help defeat the leukemia.

  4. Government Takes Child Away From Parents Because They Choose Medical Cannabis Over Chemotherapy…RIC SAYS: "ENOUGH Of This Big Pharma Promoted Corporate Prohibitionist BULLSHIT! There's MORE Than SUFFICIENT RESEARCH [50+ Yrs US Government Subsidized RESEARCH IN ISRAEL Through The NiH-FOR INSTANCE & "CANNABIS KILLS CANCER, MULTIPLE STUDIES CONFIRM: https://www.cannamd.com/cannabis-kills-cancer-multiple-studies-confirm/ ALSO Watch: https://youtu.be/5RtRil2ND-E%5D

    PLUS Tens Of Thousands Of "ANECDOTAL" Medical Histories That PROVE Cannabis Cures While "CHEMO" KILLS! Arrest AND Prosecute Everyone Involved With Taking This Child From The Parents…Make Them An Example. No SANE Voter WANTS THIS…So Those Responsible Are INSANE And NEEd To Be Treated As Such!

    #CannabisCuresCancer #EndProhibition #CannabisIsMedicine #EndCPSOverReach #StartJailingTheJailors

  5. Pharmaceutical companies are not getting thier share of that allmighty dollar. Pumping poison into the child is not the anwer.

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