Gov. Cuomo says he'll push to legalize recreational marijuana

During a speech to outline his 2019 agenda, New York Gov. Cuomo says he’ll push to legalize recreational marijuana early next year.


  1. Douchebag Cuomo panders to the liberal douchebags and minorities. Meanwhile his Italian buddy get charged with corruption and he throws him under the bus.

  2. It is estimated to bring in 1.3 billion a year there are already counting the money and did not even collect the sent yet to go to show you how greedy these people are

  3. It's not a racial thing it's a fact if you do the crime you do the time taken away the bail is a ridiculous idea only give these criminals are right to get out of jail quick You're an idiot governor cuomo

  4. I got a better one mr. Governor why don't we release all the minority criminals from the justice system now murderers and rapists let them all out of jail why are they in there why don't we let them all free it has been unjust

  5. It's a shame this debate has become racial like everything else in New York City our kids will be destroyed by this in the name of Taxation the money from the lottery never went to the schools bent line the pockets of the politicians and their powerful friends as long as you keep voting for him you will get anything you want even if it's not good for you why does he care and yes I was a smoker and no I will never smoke again

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