1. ​ Tammy Bentley Even the angels will never over ride a person's free will. Your words sound more like the stuff prosperity churches throw into peoples minds.Speak it and you'll have it. That is not faith. It verges on blasphemy. I knew a peri-menopausal woman trying to speak a baby into her life….except she actually knew she had a thyroid problem that needed correcting before she could become fertile again and produce eggs (she's had the condition a long long time and knew it)… but was convinced speaking over instead of seeking a much needed prescription of thyroid medication that would cure her infertility. Bah. She has no child and is too old now. Her husband left her because he was tired of constantly being told his faith was not strong because he stopped speaking 'exactly as she said he should' after years of being told how to speak. God is able for sure and for certain to give miracle babies but we are never to tempt God. They twist Romans 4.17 Scripture which literally say and means " GOD calling things into existence" as being something Father Abraham did with his mouth instead and this was Abraham's faith. God is Creator not Abraham. And to put a mere mortal man in the place of God is blasphemy. Conjuring is not something I will do. I spend my time praying God will send workers to my daughters and granddaughter because Jesus' own words in Luke 10.2 support this. This does have results (my oldest son got saved ) and I will never stop asking God to intervene… but they have free will whether to accept the word of God or not. My grandmother was a devout Christian also surrounded by non-believers. She prayed every single day for all of us. I became saved at a very young age and had never been taken to any church or told about God.I just knew He existed and accepted Jesus into my heart. Later on at age 12 (the age of accountability) I made my faith in Christ public by addressing the church body. After that I was immersed into water baptism and made a public testimony of my faith in Christ Jesus. No- my family still was not taking me to church…God made sure since I became a Christian at age 3 that there were people to cross my path to pray over me and tell me about God and teach me to pray as I ought and also bring me to church. We had two very devout neighbors one of which taught me about praying first and the other allowed me to witness his own prayers that I might follow by example. One of my elementary school teachers was Pearl S Buck a devout Christian author (and was the child of missionaries to China) who would lay hands upon us one at a time by holding one back for a short time of prayer when we were allowed outside for recess. She prayed over us all and I could feel her prayers! My hero in childhood was a missionary based in the Smokeys (I worked at her mission as a young adult for a time and now I will go back to Tennessee to work in the Appalachians which she also worked in). She wasn't my only hero, there was one based in India too. I have met and been prayed over and witnessed to by Corrie TenBoom who visited our tiny youth group when she went to visit Moody Bible Institute and was in town. God made this possible. My immediate family surely did not. God gave me a friend in 6th grade whose mother was a devout Christian who would bring me to church too along with her own. This is from the power of a praying Grandmother. Prayer has more effect than speaking a conjuring word over something. The effective fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much. In other words when we are repented and in right standing with God and our fellow man (all sins forgiven both ways by forgiving one another as well as repentance to God for sins) and we pray sincerely from our hearts (not the Christmas wish list and not our wants or desires but prayers that need hearing and addressing by our rightful Creator) – we know we can have God's ear and He will act upon it. These things make prayer effective. But also having others to pray in one spirit one accord in agreement is also effective. So therefore I will speak the prayer needs of those who reject salvation to others that they may join me in prayer in one spirit and one accord and in agreement over them. God will send workers to deliver the Gospel message in a way that will touch their hearts when I can not reach their hearts. My sisters were brought to church by my grandmother until my mother stopped it. They rejected Christ. One is in a cult ministry now believing not as the Bible says (they leave Jesus on the cross and go no further), another plays at church to give the appearance of being good. Some of the things she has done in her personal life is enough that there is Biblical evidence to kick her out of the church. Another goes to a homosexual Methodist church with a rewritten Bible. My grandmother was never allowed to take me or my younger brother to church. My siblings, as adults, play at Christianity insisting self-righteousness is the same as the righteousness of God, but refuse to open a Bible and read the Word of the Lord. They do not live by "SHEMA" or hearing and doing what the Word of God says to do. My brother thinks God is found in a gold plated church building with fancy stained glass windows. They do not take the Bible literally at his ideal church. They collect money. It takes money to draw closer to God at his church not faith in Christ and not repentance of sins. I've never known any Bible verse which says you can buy your way into heaven. None of them actually live a Christian life. They seek out churches that tickle the ears where homosexuals are church leaders and their Bible has been rewritten to accept all sexual immorality as acceptable in God's viewpoint. The church which listens to Jezebel! My youngest daughter forbids me to talk about Jesus in front of my grandson. This is because he's supposed to have a choice whether to believe in God or not. I tell my youngest daughter that when he hears the pagan garbage his sibling speaks and hears nothing of God's most wonderful free gift of salvation he is given no choice at all. His older sister dabbles in pagan conjuring. She has even mock sacrificed him on the dining room table. My oldest daughter is pagan and feeds her niece the hows of conjuring. For that matter even children's shows that are so popular teach them how to conjure. Just because it looks like a cartoon it doesn't mean it's okay for kids to watch. Demon possessed dogs and people are portrayed in one kids show. Another is about so called nice "spirits" and encourages children to cast spell like chants. My grandson hears this trash in the name of innocuous kids shows. My oldest daughter works for a pagan book publisher.I supported her post secondary training so she could leave that job but after she finished she still remains in it these past 24 years anyway. She insists she's Christian but in reality one can not drink from the cup of Christ and the cup of demons at the same time. It's one or the other. Never both. I caught her placing her arm across her chest at her Christian brother's funeral saying something about Thor and so I said to her his favorite book was the Psalms and that's what his empty body now holds in his hands. His spirit is with Christ Jesus and will never be with Thor. His body will be resurrected and changed into a glorified body which will never perish and he will dwell with Jesus forever. They have all heard the Gospel story I have made sure of that. Both of my son are saved. My oldest son became a Christian less than two weeks before he died. He loved God a long long time and loved reading the Psalms but he wasn't so sure about Jesus until just before he died unexpectedly. My youngest son has been a Christian for many years. I bemoan the fact during my two daughters most impressionable years I was far from the shining example of Christianity that I should have been. I went through a traumatic divorce where me and the children were all almost murdered. We were tormented emotionally more by "Christians" who decided I needed to be with a man who was beating us us and trying to kill us , but treated with more understanding and loving kindness from non-Christians at that time and I stopped going to church. I am now a Christian minister and do street ministry for the homeless and poor.. I have seen people healed from the brink of death more than a few times after praying for them claiming James the 5th chapter. I have faith but faith comes by hearing the Word, not conjuring. Kenneth Hagin, the father of the prosperity message, decided he deserved money and so "spoke it to himself". He was extremely good friends with a male wiccan. Hagin's biggest mistake, is one so very well covered up by his church followers, is that he blasphemed the Holy Spirit by saying all healing is from God and it's all one spirit -the Holy Spirit. That statement is a lie straight from hell!!!! If he had read his Bible he would have realized there are very many doctrines of demons AND not all miracles are from the Holy Spirit because there are 'miracles of demons meant to deceive many in the last days'. You don't know me or my level of faith but repeat the touchy feely stuff you have heard elsewhere. I do agree we are to believe as if we have already received…but not speak of something to the point of conjuring. I have never seen speaking over cancer make it go away. I have prayed and anointed a person and they were healed to a super healthy point that was better than even before they got their last dying ailment. The prayer of faith shall raise them up and if they have sinned they will be forgiven. My child's gift of salvation is theirs to choose or deny and not mine; therefore I can not speak over it as if it is my right to make their free will choice for them. But I sure as anything will ask God for workers because Jesus said I could.

  2. We must not be emotionally attached to this world, if we're covered, and cleansed by the blood of Christ [Saved] this world is a temporary place, we must focus on the scripture teachings and prepare for the catching away [rapture] and be filled with the Holy Spirit, be ready when Christ returns to receive His Bride… let those who can understand, "listen"….


  4. Father God I see do many request today fir a healing in people's lives, so I ask you to heal the sick let all diseases leave now, let hope be restored, hearts mended. In Jesus name amen

  5. Praying for our President Trump daily I pray for wisdom, patients and strength to endure. In the mighty name if Jesus Amen

  6. Lol he’s not coming for you though. I mean tell me what do you need to get saved from lol .Your white this is your kingdom and the moment your leader is white. He’s not coming for you evel white people. And all others like Korea and Chinese and Russians all of you are the ones killing this world.

  7. And yet, in 2016, "Christian" evangelists elected an anti-Christ as President. Trump is a liar, adulterer, thief, slanderer, pedophile, rapist, sexual assaulter, traitor, money worshiper, racist, who uses Christianity to get votes, but he can't even quote a Bible verse.

  8. It wasn't that Obama did not honor the church, his problem was he cared for everyone no matter who they were. The spirit is in chaos now because we have a person in leadership who doe not care about anyone, specially the poor. If your are poor you are a burden to TRUMP. This is so SAD!!


  10. I split my sides in laughter at 'Biblically illiterate Christians.' It really is quite surprising how many believers do not bother themselves with getting acquainted with the Word of God.

  11. This man has error and ego as well as a little bit of truth in his 'vision'. So, you dream about standing with Obama as God's representative of the church? Whoopee-do! Many people's ego are like yours, wanting to be with the President with cameras rolling. Then you say "We didn't pray much for him". Too late. He's out of office also . Evangelicals also said they didn't pray much for Clinton too. If the Evangelicals are so prominent, why weren't they praying? I have watched Evangelicals since 1980 and they say and do the same things. "God showed me who the next President is…" "If my people will humble themselves….", "Let's get conservatives on the courts "…" The earth is under stress from man's sins"…."Loren,please shut your mouth.

  12. I don't see any of you praying for Democratic leaders. You're nothing but Hypocrites and biased to your own. Jesus said what sets us apart is Christian as loving what's not ours. What part of that don't you understand? "They will know we are Christians by our love". HELLO???

  13. I'm a Christian also and I'll pray for Donald Trump to be impeached. Any man who allows children to die at the border is one sick man. He does so many things against the Bible like supporting Hunters to kill animals for sport and he wants to end health care for people in need. What's so Christian about allowing people to suffer? What would Jesus do?

  14. That Angel killed the pain with a knife!! Jesus Christ healed a blind man by applying mud on his eyes. A general in the Syrian was healed of leprosy by obeying the prophet of God and dipping 7times in the Jordan River. There's so many different ways God do things that would look to us so over the top. But the results are off the charts. God is so Good!

  15. I believe that the coming Tribulation should be here sometime by the year 2024, then the Love of many will wax cold and the pouring of Elijah's Spirit will be poured out on God's two Witnesses.

  16. Cities of REFUDGE..7:11…he never got to say but was cut off…oh my 5k plus comments?.. n how old is this vid?..well trump is relatively new but..this place reminds me of FB …so much haterz

  17. To say that you represent the Lord brings with it a great responsibility. As followers of Christ should we support a man who's life goes against the Ten Commandments?? Trump's presidency has brought out so much unrest, goes against the poor and supports hate groups…I could go on and on. Instead I will just say Pray for our nation and that the Blood of Christ will wash us free of those who say they represent the Light but are in fact wolves in sheep's clothing. God have mercy on us all.

  18. I'm not a prophet but I KNOW and have known that if the far left gets back in control, it's going to be really bad.

  19. Follow what you will. Allah, Buddha, Atheist, Christian…God, Source, ET…NDE's are and always have shown us he/she Loves us all! Christianity has kept the truth from humanity from day one! NDE's presents us the proof and evidence with science that God is real and his/her Love is beyond our imagination. There is no judgment of our actions. We are here to learn and grow and if we don't. We are not punished. We are reincarnated. Experiences shows us the evidence as real as NDE's! Atheists, Christians, Muslims have NDE's and they see, know and experience God's Love for us all NO MATTER WHAT! It's when we use "The Devil or Satan" to separate our understanding from one another that causes HATE! "Believe or burn in…" is Evil no matter where it comes from…PERIOD!
    How many more thousands of years do we have to keep going through this over and over and over again? If God Love us all no matter what, don't you think it's about time we love each other NO MATTER WHAT? Stop thinking of just YOURSELF! Jesus this, Allah that, Buddha what…Your NOT GOING TO HELL because there is NO HELL! See how it's controlling YOU!
    YOU LIVE IN FEAR of going to HELL and we know what fear does! Keeps YOU from growing and learning and LOVING one another. I have said enough!
    I'm an Ex-Catholic, Ex-Christian because of all your hate, lying, greed and double standards and I'm not the only one and the list is getting bigger! OK, now I have said enough!

  20. Trump is fake, he doesn't believe in tradition, God. Also you are fake. You don't have right to decide what to judge.

  21. Do NOT quit going to colege !! Do not quit your job, you are not going to work just for money ! You are going to work to interract with people, to communicate, to make friends, to have a life outside your family, a social life. Money are not everything în this life !!

  22. Climate change is due to HAARP, it has nothing natural at all. It's military just like 5G. Interesting show but so fed up with all the commercials!!

  23. HE's been on HIS way for over 2000 years. Probably got hung up in traffic but most likely……. HE DOES NOT EXIST.

  24. I don't see me praying for Trump but I'll pray he gets an education. Man has Trump got you Brian washed. The only God He believes in is money.

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