Global Health News Ep. #38 | 15+ Ways to Fight Disease Naturally

Thank you for joining us for Episode #38 of Global Health News, Truth That Matters with Ty & Charlene Bollinger! If you missed past episodes of GHN, catch up …


  1. I keep mosquitoes away with B12. It works and use noni juice inside and as a poultice for bug venoms…especially spider bites.

  2. I must say that I really appreciate all the work you both do for your fellow man. The knowledge you have shared has helped me to be able to give an answer to those who ask why I don't vaccinate or do other things they don't. Keep sharing the Truth!

  3. The information has long since been out there on many protocols for reversing cancer. Consistently those who can't grasp that we are responsible for our own health will be more likely to be victimized by those who are experts at profiting from our health challenges.

  4. I went to my country with my daughter because she was doing a project on mosquito larvae and while I was I found a tick the next day my sister went ahead and removed it and as today that area where the tick was stock still itchy. Can someone tell me while still itching?

  5. What are they thinking? Here is my opinion. Health is not even a thought when developing a vaccine. Making the vaccine impossible to replicate is the developers only thought. Make a cocktail so difficult to replicate so their competitors cannot compete. Its only about money. Why else would anyone put E coli in a human.

  6. Most people don't know but there is a big difference between the two types of cinnamon. One is healthful, and the other is toxic to the liver.  Highly recommended to ingest CEYLON CINNAMON ONLY.  Unlike the Cassia Cinnamon which is what is available at your local grocery store, Ceylon Cinnamon has ultra-low Coumarin levels so it won't damage your liver. Ceylon Cinnamon is called " True Cinnamon " because it is unique and native to the tiny Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka.

  7. WOW Me too. I love Cherry Pie. Also, I perked up when you mentioned Manuka honey. I will share this recipe I took this past winter. I had a very unusual case of a cold, maybe on the path of Pneumonia, Any way I mixed up a recipe of 1 TBSP. of Turmeric powder and 3 TBSP of Manuka (16 factor) and a couple of shakes of black pepper. As we know pepper promotes absorption. I warmed the honey a little so the 2 things mix well. I took ½ spoon 3 times a day. When cured of the flew, reduce to 1 spoon a day. Melt mixture in mouth and don't swollow immediatly. We know that the mouth is a source of quick absorption into the blood stream. Can also drink in a cup of tea.

  8. What does TTAC feel about Essiac Tea for cancer and cancer prevention? Can you please do a video on this. Thanks. Love you guys!

  9. Could you please tell us more about Cancer Tutor and Protocel? I have had some experience with it and I am interested in finding out how it works and if anyone has any experience with it. I'm wondering if I am putting all my eggs in one basket. You two are wonderful. Thank you for all you do. God bless you both. ~Kelli

  10. I'm always exploring, searching for the most optimal ways to resolve health challenges. Few months ago I invested into technology called Spooky 2 which is based on Albert Einstein's discovery of what he calls "Spooky action at a distance", which also involves various types of interesting ways to help resolve almost any health challenge like cancer, HIV and just about any other health challenge in existence. More and more positive testimonials are occurring for this amazing tech. I used PayPal's 6 month interest free credit loan service to get most of the tech. So far Spooky 2 scalar tech. is beyond amazing. It's not simple to use but once you learn how it's like riding a bicycle (you never forget). *Do your own research, like anything else it may not be for everyone.

  11. This was great I have been taking Elderberry for three years no cold no flu, wahoo.i love turmeric its amazing. I even added to my food.

  12. Your iodine supplement, detoxidine, tastes sweet because of glycerine which is one of the ingredients. I'm going to order some for me. 🙂

  13. Good info. But you should not use supplements instead of getting the nutritional value from your diet. Supplements are quickly expelled by the body and are not absorbed effectively.

  14. Sometime let us know the natural remedies for leukemia….cancer of the blood. Most of what is known applies to cancers that are seen through tumors.

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