Game Theorists and MatPat vs the Drama Channels | The Rewired Soul

MatPat and The Game Theorists have triggered the hate mob once again over an unlisted minecraft video. A YouTube by the name of Bernie TXT has received …


  1. That's so frustrating! If there was nothing bad said then why was it even brought up. Honestly people realize that the only way to get more views is to take someone else down. Matpat is a good guy. He makes great content. When I watch his videos they make me feel content intrigued and excited for the next! Those people need to stop there is no point.

  2. I was blown away by Bernie's video on Jared picking up all the evidence we'd been putting out and showing it in such a concise manner, I respected him a lot for that. But dude's twitter really doesn't reflect the kind of person I thought he was when he defended a man falsely accused when it wasn't cool to do so.

  3. Cancel culture isnt the problem in my opinion because people of influence need to be held accountable. The real problem is mob/herd mentality and jumping on a bandwagon without having all the facts. And for the record, matpat is a whiny little bitch.

  4. My therapist would ask me why do I care, how does this improve my life and what personal issue am I trying to avoid by wasting my time like that. The answers would be I don't, it doesn't and everything.

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