Gaetz Through the Years on Marijuana Reform

It’s ludicrous that Congress would stand between people operating under state law and their ability to access the financial system I was proud to vote for the …


  1. my thoughts: "gateway drug" is a bogus claim, yes there ARE "no good get high" people too.
    a limited legalization is appropriate, no BIG growing of POT, no sales, and no DUI, is enough.
    people can use medicinally recreationally or both, its just NOT that big a deal, you're more likely to hear "dude I'm too stoned to drive anywhere right now" than similar from someone who has had a couple of drinks and lost both coordination and inhibition, studies show it too.

    now lets get to the ECONOMY, a full blown HEMP industry would do wonders! extract the oils for making fuel (less water to separate out than CORN), shred stalks for durable textiles and more, pulp the leaves after oil extraction for durable paper etc. there's no waste and no pesticides are needed, we've known this for decades too. (food prices ARE supposed to be relative to fuel prices (delivery costs), but we're not seeing food prices going down why?)

    combine a HEMP industry with a BAMBOO industry: resin compressed bamboo fiber "hardwood" is strong enough to make car frames and won't rust. hemp and bamboo both can make a fiberglass cloth type product for car body panels (or anything else!). some varieties of bamboo grow a foot PER DAY once going, trees just can't do that.

    "drug psychology": people amped up on cocaine or meth, their conscience is usually GONE and they'll do about anything.. lie cheat steal (murder?) from friends and family to get their junk… great for police reports and building A POLICE STATE. the prohibition has made selling POT very profitable, more often it about forces much more mellow pot smokers to be dealing with (buying from) the CRAZY POWDER HEADS, who can be dangerous… gee thanks?

    some States are saying "OK" to "medical marijuana" for years now… PAY US for the permit, and you have to waive your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights?!! it's completely ridiculous and NO THANKS! our founding fathers grew it, smoked it, and THEY didn't give up their rights!

  2. THIS is the GOOD fight Rep.Gaetz and as usual you were way ahead of the curve 🙂 Old codgers like McConnell may never go for logical re-scheduling of Marijuana…but it's a fight worth fighting…Please continue to shine much-needed light on this issue…Pres.Trump himself seems open to convincing….might be a good place to begin real advocacy….Rock ON 😉

  3. To Matt Gaetz: You had me fooled. Soooo… you foolishly and stupidly support the knuckleheaded use of cannabis movement?

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