FSD PHARMA – The Largest Indoor Cannabis Producer

FSD Pharma Inc, (CSE:HUGE), wholly owns FV Pharma, a Canadian licensed cannabis producer under ACMPR aiming to develop the largest legal indoor …


  1. i just bought small amount today, the price said .44 i am already down but iam holding till mid 2019 if i didnt get caught in finacial problem. Goodluck to all long investor

  2. I’ve been an investor since the the pre-ipo days @ 0.09 cdn and also from Montreal,Qc in Canada. Just to give you a little more info on what they are about. They have purchased the old kraft warehouse in Cobourg.ontario. They also have an expectation of being Able to cultivate 400,000,000 grams for a total of approx 3M sqft making it approx 133.33grams per sqft at a conservative price per gram at 7-10$ cdn based on a greenhouse price point. Another thing to realize at this moment is that they also have an extremely large amount of outstanding shares over 1.3B which is also what is limiting the price range the stock can reach. For The stock to reach its full potential, FSD Pharma’s long term strategy would have to be a share but back once they start to raise enough equity. They will need to buy back at least half the amount of shares for use to see as investors the same type of price per share as say our competitors Aurora/canopy Growth/aphria. Also effective Jan 2019 FSD Pharma will have approx 220k sqft of cultivation ready for the first official crop which will be ready in April-may 2019 for distribution which if we obtain our sales license before than and a commitment to purchase the bulk if not complete production for the crop, we can see a potential price point exceeding the 2-3$ cdn range based on the millions in revenue the will bring in.

  3. They're not the only ones I am sorry but I have to put it out there there's others that are growing indoor they're just a biggest the biggest hydroponic which is more important

  4. I do my research I was not lucky I followed the sector and I know what's going on with the players so I knew that it was brewing up since December

  5. You know what happened with the constellation brand deal with canopy growth Corp happened coughing the whole sector to change Market sentiment

  6. Only 1 bad thing its to many shares but its not puting a dent on them niw that we are on a posirive market sentiment!

  7. I love Auxly and Fsd Pharma I agree 100% with you. I first got in at 0.12 will be going back in this week i scale in and I scale out. This 2 are my biggest holdings from time to time.

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