Flushing Cannabis Plants – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101 – Flushing Cannabis Plants Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson 101 …


  1. You are so helpful and informative! Thank you so much for the easy to follow and awesome to learn videos! Do you have a video on when to cut a clone off?

  2. Your said flush by NOT feeding the plants nutrients for 7-14 days. So I thought flushing was running many gallons throw the medium till u get a low ppm? I haven’t fed plants for 7 days at least only water. Can I harvest?

  3. This is my very first grow, and I’m growing hydroponically using a super closet. How does this affect flushing? I’m concerned my plants will not get what they need with just water. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for the videos, they’re really helpful.

  4. How much water do you use? I have a 12L and information I find says use 36L which doesn't sound right, or do you drop the ppm to its lowest level and then restart due to a phosphorus lockout?

  5. Which one would be better for pain? My brother had back surgery and I wanted to grow some and figured I’d make him some stuff for pain too.

  6. guys, sorry to interrupt but, you dont need a fekin microscop or jewlery loupe!!! just take your mobile phone -> get the pix app ready -> zoom in on ur bud-> get a steady nicely jobly focus -> take the pix : zoom in again under PS or whatever software like Windows Paint!!! here you go, home made microscop !!!

  7. Hey prof, i was hoping you had some tips for outdoor growers. My plants are just going into the veg cycle, ph is perfect, nuitrients are good, but there smaller and slower than last years crop… what can i do to give them a little kick start

  8. I'm using fox farm nutrients and there hydro chart recommends flushing every 2 weeks in flower stage.
    That sound right?

  9. I gave up on molasses because besides being hard to get fast results do to chemical chain being very large it gave the different strains all kind of same taste and smell. So I use white, brown sugar and a couple of other things to give carbs. I wouldn't go back to molasses. Read the Nectar of the God's grrow manuel and Scott talks about molasses, tea's and whether to use it. Just a FYI do what makes baddest ie Best you can grow

  10. PATIENTS IS A VIRTUE y’all remember when ya grew ur first crop and just COULDNT WAIT went in ur grow and snipped off a bud if u were like me u snipped a NICE ONE to went and dried it on ur stove or in ur microwave lol I DID I was so disappointed PATIENTS PATIENTS PATIENTS 👋👋👍👍KEEPONKEEPINON

  11. I thought molasses had to large of chemical chains or bonds and that the microbes have a slow time breaking it into usable carbs for the plants.. Read in Nectar for the God's online grow book for their organic nutrients

  12. What about a series of videos for people with just one or two plants or first time grow? Realistically most people are not going to go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The whole point of growing my own is to save money, also I dont have the space for a "grow room" with a temp and humidity gauge or something to read the 'ph' levels. I am thinking about getting a magnifier though so I can look at the trichomes.

    I managed to grow a plant from a seed I found in a baggy about 8 months ago. I germinated it in July and it started growing quite slowly at first (July is mid winter where I am). I just put it by the windowsill where it gets decent all day lighting with about 4 hours of direct sun. I topped it at one point as it was getting huge (I think I topped it too late), at the same time I took a number of clones (this was perhaps in late November or December). Not sure if this was the best time to do this as I think it was early flower. the main plant then started growing single leaves and began to look quite stressed (red leave stems etc), I think I sent it back into veg for a bit. The clones looked like they were going to die but then started rooting and fully went back into vegetation.

    My main plant recovered well and it is now in late flower (or at least I think it is). Over the last week the buds have been getting noticeably larger, so I am thinking I may harvest in a week or two. The clones are in early flower which is great as that means I can have another harvest in April (which is the normal outdoor harvest month where I live).

    The only nutes I have used were this bio feed which was mainly nitrogen but I stopped giving that to the main plant a while ago. I am considering giving a different nute to the clones in early flower, I understand I should use something with higher phospherous.

    I did make a number of mistakes and had some difficulties along the way but am pretty happy when I look at my main plant. These were;
    – Over trimming. I trimmed the lower branches of the main plant to ensure the top of the plant would grow more. I shouldnt have done this to the extent I did as my window allows only so much sun in and the lower half of the plant gets the best light. My bottom four branches are stacked with buds and the top four are quite stretched out and scraggly looking.
    – I also trimmed all the fan leaves off a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if this was the best idea but it did allow me space to tie the branches to bamboo and train them so they are all exposed to the light for a good portion of the day.
    – Also I heard that the 12/12 cycle should be employed in flower. I did this for a few weeks by putting the plant in my closet at night and taping the gaps so there were no light leaks. In hindsight there were leaks and I thought I saw a couple of 'nanners' which I plucked off. I simply just close and open the curtain now and havnt seen any nanners since I stopped putting it in the closet. Note the nanners were quite tiny and there were less than 5 in total so I am not too worried about seeds.

    The clones are great but I have some issues;
    – I think I have thrives (pest), some of the leaves have little white spots on them and tiny holes appearing. It started on one plant first and I trimmed off the worst leaves and brushed off the others as best I could. Thinking of getting a pesticide spray today to address this.
    – Also one of my clones has bright red/purples stems on the leaves and the new leaves are quite a pale green. they are a little floppy as well but still perk up to the light. This began a couple of days ago. I have noticed two of the others are beginning to have slightly darker leaf stems too. (I have four clones but have recently taken clones off those clones to hopefully keep my supply going).

    Basically I am thinking my red stems could be from, nitrogen deficiency, nitrogen toxicity, lack of mag/cal (or general flowering nutes like phospherous?) or potentially a problem with the roots? The plant with the dark stems was in a tiny pot as I didnt want it to get too big, perhaps I need to repot it. The clone that looks the best is in the biggest pot.

    Any general advice on my situation would be appreciated. Also I did not intend to write this much when I began my comment. Thanks.

  13. I was given a mix of happy frog 50%, coco 40%, pearl lite 10%. Can you or anyone tell me how I would use this mix. More like soil, or like coco? My coco I am feeding daily but it has no soil. I was given this mix don’t know how to feed with it.

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