1. I am wondering, isnt there too much blue light in it? The leds looks like at least 4500 kelvin. Can you give me some information. Thanks! btw. your umol/j is amazing.

  2. Great channel! Great info! I'm just about to harvest my first LED grow. Great production. Just started my channel. Check it out! Thanks for all the great vids. They've helped me out a ton!!! Cheers!

  3. Great work, awesome research and proof of concept. For your hash, Please make more Rosin and HTFSE instead of co2 🙂 Also look into Cree COB LED lights, as they are stronger than most of the lightbar LED types. Cree cob LED grows are definitely proven superior to HPS. Also look into triple-CMH 945 double ended bulbs. Thanks for sharing, keep up the innovative testing, much appreciated

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