Florida Man Arrested at Best Buy for Impersonating a Federal Marshal

On March 21, 2018, officers of the Boynton Beach Police Department (“BBPD”) responded to a call from a manager of the Best Buy store located at 550 North …


  1. It’s not illegal to carry a fake badge and gun. If he had just told the police that he was a limo driver and made no inclination of being an officer, they would have nothing on him and release would be forced. He could tell people until the cows came home that he was an officer, just so long as he said the limo thing to the police

  2. How are you not sure you filed a report ….you should have filed it immediay… workers saw him and did nothing …

  3. I know of someone who owns a marauder (black Crown Victoria type car), has a fake badge, cuffs, a Canadian flag pin on his suit lapel or shirt collar, a fake (BBgun that looks like a 9mm glock police firearm) and goes to Montreal to meet girls to have sex with and pretends to be an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). So he meets girls, gets them drunk and then has sex with them. He laughs to see how easy it is to get people to cooperate with him when he identifies as a cop.


  4. Hope that you guys take a DNA sample. Then matching needs to occur. While in his incognito outfit, he could have kidnapped, tortured, and raped citizens and to get that, you need the DNA.

  5. Plot twist:the guy that was accused of impersonating a federal marshal is actually the KFC mascot this whole time.

  6. Watching this man arrested made me wonder why does the government tie our hands behind our back and cuff us. Shit is questionable 🤔🤔

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