1. I Love Your Story times cause you are so believable. You do mimick stuff you see other people do to look cool. It seems like some shit i would do if I would ever smoke weed.

    ? Y do u look at the blunt in between smoking it?

  2. never stop grinding it might take a long time to get famous and make bread but keep doin what u doin u gon get there trust me be patience

  3. Onnn mee I relate to your first time I’m high asl rn I just love the feeling of being high the munchies something else man

  4. If you don’t got nun to watch after this video go watch “Throwing things at strangers “ 🤾🏽‍♂️🎯 in Walmart video on my channel , A BANGER! 🔥

  5. I remember when i first had weed. NEVER AGAIN. I was like 12 or 13 when i got dat gas. i went to some party and my ex best friend gave me some liquor but said it was juice, then i remember waking up in some random bed wit a random girl. I felt like complete shit i a mean dat. Then im like, ' wait who tf is that gurl? Long story short, that gurl soon became my gf. Dont you just love life 😁😆

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