Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin

VICE presents an immersive and personal feature film about the fentanyl crisis in Canada told from the perspective of a community of drug users. This video has …


  1. Logan Crowe is a needle junkie who enjoyed shooting up in the Hospital parking lot with his girlfriend Amanda Green with his girlfriend Amanda Green- js
    He was a lot of fun- rick Crowe

  2. It was so sad when that guy was taking it the bathroom and he did one, then looked up and said he needed to do another one, the death in his eyes was just ……………………….

  3. I’ve been working for years to get my business off the ground and these people make more money in one morning than I’ve made trying to do things legitimately? I have absolutely no sympathy for these people and I know this sounds bad but it makes no difference to me whether they live or die. I don’t really see the difference between these people and the Wall Street brigade.

  4. I wish it had a update on the guy he really wanna get clean I felt his energy…hope he didn't kill himself….wish I know him just to talk seems like a chill and nice guy

  5. Lots of people in the comments claiming they are 'clean' when you fucking know those sons of bitches are still hooked up

  6. It is a BIG FAT LONG SLOW Bitch to come off of Opiates/Opioids . A minute- goes slow much like an hour. When you are sick, you're in great pain in every part of your body. Plus- mental pains are amplified. This is why addicts do desperate things and blatantly. This stuff over-rides your biological survival wiring in your brain. It is compared to getting TERRIBLE Anxiety, with the worst flu 40x worse than ever. Then being beat and kicked by 5 people. Imagine if not eating breakfast, lunch and supper caused this! Opiates take away hunger. So using takes care of eating and being sick.

  7. I have saved ppl ,he had no pulse so i pumped his chest a few times and when i felt a pulse i gave him a shot of salt water,it was scary cus i was watching how he was turnin purple slowly,i have been saved too,last time i lost feeling on my legs and i could barely stand up ,i had to wait it out before i could walk,i remember when i started lookin for help i chose suboxone but like the guy here i had to wait ,by the time of my appointment i was a few weeks off drugs but i still needed help ,its been 3 or 4 years since then and ive been the best since i started doin drugs 20 years ago more or less

  8. The withdrawal is NOT the easiest part and can actually kill you!! This young man is completely wrong and should definitely get a better medical understanding of what process are going on in the body before he counsels addicted people!!!!!!!

  9. … all whine, no explanations or purposed chemistry of medicine intended for the malaise-stricken BONAFIDE MEDICAL PATIENT !?!
    – I tire of the mainstream's polit-econo-socio propagandistic audio-video performance-laden publications that 'smack' (ha-hah-hh-hh! [no lols…far too meme-entangled nowadays]).
    As the late, great writer and budding journalist's mentor, Hunter S. Thompson oft insinuated…if the story is dull and rising like a lead-balloon…well, lie! As the writer – you are a part of the story. So-oo-oo-oo. The modern' American capitalist-socialist hot-shot docu-cranker for the local hybrid, Socialist Democratic/Uber Rich Top GOP Mono Partie makes some judicious use of the area's polit-ready university's theatrical department for some hopeful thespians' increase in performance stamina creds.
    Show the patients whose guts are rotting out in the living agony of a malaise-laden slow death who desperately must have the Fentanyl MEDICINE fer Christ's sake! Fuck the self-abusing assholes who in craven degradation sniff their careless lusts' from some shit-smeared, piss-drenched commode in a forgettable dive-bar along the slop-filled potholed-features of Fuming Anus Boulevard that runs with regret through Lowbrow City, Jerkov, USA…
    Because of the abuse that the polits were always aware of (if not originated then, nourished during the polit's university years)… the handiness of the societal crevice of disease in the mechanics of the polit-machine power grabs that advance the police state ideology through the use of strategic, polit-economic engineered civil crisis of this sort – Which result in the issuing of shoddy cause 'rubber stamp' warrants – written by either polit partie-trapped &/or polit-partie ideologie-parroting judges who send the paramilitary men/women overly-armed with full-combat weaponry & badges storming into legit, law-abiding and well established pain-management clinics &/or doctor's offices to forcibly 'remove' the clinic's/doctor's professional ability to prescribe pain medicines to legit patients. Thus denying the suffering patient his/her "Fundamental Human Right" to be treated with prescribed pain medications in the course of pain management protocols. Don't get too sick in the good ol' USA, kiddies! What Washington DeeCee did to the American Indian…DeeCee will surely do the same to YOU as well if the Econo-Partie politic so desires…
    We pain patients (grandpapa in my existential experience) now must go with drastically altered Rx's or fully without the opioid medicines because of fucking heroin addict's indiscretions of illegitimate habits! Send 'em to the treatment clinics, please! However, what in the hell does the pain patient's Rx's have, even remotely, to do with the addict's behavior and the absolutely ruinous 'iron boot' tactics employed by overzealous da's & the stosstruppen antics of over-armed police departments?

  10. Schools should teach kids not only about how dangerous drugs are but what happens when you try to get off I wouldn’t wish opioid withdraw on my worst enemies

  11. Was addicted to opiate since I was 15 years old and I finally got clean off of it my was 29 and I'm 31 right now, one thing that helped me the most get off opiates was kratom it was a great step down and it's so much easier to get off of with it

  12. 6:35 the guy wants to get clean cant handle the withdrawal sickness the other guy tells him 5 days clean before u can get in the program ..the addict just told u he can't handle it . I hope all rehabs aren't like this otherwise they are failing alot of people .

  13. We need to legalize these drugs and stop criminalizing/stigmatizing those who use them…. I'm lucky to be clean now, but if we spent our resources and man power into helping us all, instead of this war against us, we can save them ALL!!!!!!!

  14. Its not only more deadly than heroin its 100 times more potent. Heroin is safe compared to fentanyl, aint that some shit.

  15. addiction is a terrible thing to live with. this is worrisome i have a son that’s an addict and i ask him if he’s taken this .? and of course along with pregab and all the rest, five years i’ve supported him and it’s a terrible struggle. chaos is his first name, it’s so sad. i wish all addicts the best of luck and strength to beat this

  16. "I think people have to be very careful anytime you say anything negative about a drug gets me very very careful because implications can be enormous I think that the best stance and all this is to not speak ill of drug"

    It's not the drug that has you comitting crimes. The drug doesn't tell you to steal or whatever. That's YOU. But you have to work with yourself and regain that self-discipline and find the positive aspects of life, wherever they may be. I've been severely addicted to cocaine, but cocaine didn't make me do stupid shit, I did.
    As long as you blame the drug, you're not taking responsibility for your own life and actions, thus the consequences are not your fault per se, and this is the trap of addiction.
    Don't blame the drug, millions of people use drugs on a daily basis without issues, it's never the drug. I know it's hard to blame yourself even further for getting yourself into a situation like this, but once you face that reality and take on the challenge to restructure your life, that's when you start feeling better.
    Show yourself the love and respect you need and deserve, you deserve love and happiness, but that has to come from inside first, and you need to stop making bad decisions to enforce these positive feelings within yourself.
    Take care of yourself, know there's another future out there, it's all in your hands.

  17. Been going to the clinic for 5 years this November. Its not being clean and sober. But its 10000x better than what I was doing. I have a house now. A beautiful wife and 4 beautiful healthy kids. I couldn't ask for anything more… I hope these people find what theyre looking for before it's too late.

  18. c*cksucking government officials trying to lie to us saying marijuana is addictive so they can ban it and serve up their actually addictive opioids. Makes me sick the thought of them, I will NOT follow the government to my destruction.

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