Federal-State Fight Over Cannabis Legalization Likely to End, Akerna CEO Says

Jun.21 — Jessica Billingsley, Akerna chief executive officer, discusses the company’s initial public offering and the prospects for the legalization of marijuana in …


  1. These federal/state conflicts needs to change SOON! I’m unable to use cannabis for my pain because my employer follows “federal laws” not state laws. I live in Washington state where Cannabis is both legal recreationally and medically. FRUSTRATING!!!

  2. So asinine to keep with this ridiculous prohibition BS. A perfect example of the hypocrisy is Kim Reynolds governor of Iowa. She has been convicted 2 times for DUI yet will not legalize marijuana. What a fraud and clown and Iowans should be embarrassed.

  3. Jessica Billingsley You should technically wait on that IPO until it's federally legal since the United States government could technically charge your auxiliary tech company with conspiring to help transact in a control one on par with heroin.

  4. Who the FUCK think 5g heroine and 5g of marijuana is same in hi-school. BIEEETCH?!?!??!
    Or leaving BIEEETCH FUCK interpretation to (corrupted) judge? … spaceforyour expression unprejudice

  5. For fairness, reparations must be paid to all the mostly black/brown/young people who were locked up for cannabis over the last 60 years.

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