FDA Warns Consumers about CBD Oil

The FDA issued a warning regarding popular products marketed as drugs without any scientific proof. Read the statement from the FDA: …


  1. My parents talked to their doctors about this. They (the doctors) gave them the name of a reliable seller but warned them that they (the doctors) had zero idea how to dose it since it was so newly legalized in our state. They tried it but it was really expensive and required them to do trial and error dosing so they only tried the one bottle.

  2. Katie what do you think about Kratom?If u think anything?Do you think it maybe addicting?Do you think it may help with withdraw?

  3. The problem is that people are not educated on how and why substances become a drug. They believe that the government and or big pharma are blocking the approval of these substances. The truth of the matter is that if big pharma could prove these substances did anything they would already be slapping on a patent and producing it. They are all about creating new drugs. Cocaine is even produced for medical purposes. Traditional medicine has no motive not to create and produce new drugs. But, they have to be able to prove that it works, how it works I.e. what chemical change in the brain, where it is metabolized, how it is metabolized, how the body gets rid of the by products, side effects, etc.

  4. I appreciate this info. I’ve been extremely sick this year and have tried so much for pain and nausea including CBD. CBD did nothing for either and I’m in a state where it’s sold at dispensaries 🤷🏼‍♀️.

  5. I am rather shocked by the actions of ppl who think CBD is a cure all.
    I’m a medical marijuana patient, and this is how I do my meds with Cannabis. I used to take 130 pills a day now I take 50 a day some are the same meds just have to take more than one pill per dose all my changes I did with my doctors assistance he rearranged my meds so I could get by with less pills a day. I use the medical marijuana for symptoms of my condition that before I would just take more pills to combat. Now it helps my symptoms until I get to the next dose. I hate smoking it so I use edibles they are from a reputable dispensary and they are set by milligrams usually 1 gummy is 10 mgs so I carefully cut them into 4’s and start with 2.5 mgs not an exact dose but similar to splitting pills. So it’s basically just an assistant to my other meds. I don’t use daily and I only use when I really need it.

  6. So in the beginning you say you want only factual information and when I was commenting on my experience in the Cannabis industry. Not only was I a button tender for a well-respected medical cannabis store that's sold everything from THC products to CBD products weather that's teasters concentrates or flower Etc but I have actually been to the locations I've worked close with companies and I have a chronic condition as well as anxiety and depression. Clinically diagnosed I didn't just make this s*** up and on top of it I have my cannabis health card as well and when I was giving my two cents on factual information and how cannabis laws work you block me from commenting and that just tells me that you just want to read off your information and you can't handle someone giving you factual information and letting you know how it really is in the Cannabis industry those claims that you said that the Cannabis industry makes are something you probably found on the internet and not from experience. I have never seen a company make these claims. I've never heard my co-workers make these claims and I would have people come in that were cancer patients and I would recommend them products as well as other conditions and like I said I have a chronic condition myself and it's more than just CBD people just think CBD is going to work on its own and it's been proven that CBD actually works better with THC. For me personally having a chronic condition and anxiety I stay away from certain cannabis like sativa that has a certain kind of terpene. Terpenes are what give you different effects. Some people say that Citrus terpenes are what make your anxiety go crazy and is what you want to stay away from. If you did more in-depth research you would realize this not only that as a budtender by law you were only to get your information from three websites they do this so that they make sure that everyone is educated correctly and getting their information from the same places. If you were willing to hear anyone's opinion other than your own then you would hear this yourself but instead even though I was being respectful you block me. That just comes off very sad to me and I almost feel sorry for you. I used to have to take 7 different medications to keep my chronic condition under control and even with me taking my medication I would have to take birth control because if I were to get pregnant it would screw up the fetus. I don't want to be taking a drug like that so CBD and cannabis has helped me so much it does not cure anything but it does help I also know other people in my family that use cannabis as well and it helps with pain and it has cut his medication in half as well. I've never heard anyone in the Cannabis industry make these claims. I'm not saying it doesn't happen because I can't speak for other states because most of these products do not cross state lines. For instance I'm in the Northwest most of the products you see on the shelves are from Washington State. So I can only speak for Washington and these claims are not realistic but what you failed to mention are the benefits that CBD does have. If anyone wants a CBD product I would not recommend buying it from Walgreens or a grocery store you need to go to an actual cannabis location that has medical-grade products.

  7. Man we have so many CBD stores in my town, and I always have people trying to sell it to me because I am a massage therapist. I have a free sample that a company sent me to give massages with, I don't think I am going to use it. That is so scary! Thank you for sharing this video it was very informative.

  8. If you really hate it, you should do what’s best for you and not do it. Although it sounds like you’re passionate about it. Look I’m torn about marijuana. I have smoked it with both negative and positive effects. I’ve never taken CBD oil but my mother swears by it to help her sleep through pain and cancer treatment

  9. Are you under the impression hemp oil is what cbd is? Because it's not. Hemp oil is no different than olive oil or something like that. Cbd is a different thing derived from the plant with the thc removed. It's part of the plant that causes a overall feeling of wellbeing with no psychoactive high of thc. So are you claiming the millions of people who's lives have been changed for the better by cbd are just imagining it? It actually does have therapeutic value and a strong one at that. It's also non addictive and safe as long as its pure and from a reputable brand. You are spreading a lot of disinformation because you think you know everything. That's a running theme of your video's.

  10. Try Perelli's magical elixir , it'll do the trick sir-yes ,yes it will! ( Sweeney Todd) play it the lyrics are so on point! There have always been snake oil salesmen and there always will be,sadly.

  11. I appreciate you delivering the message… BTW I just subscribed to your channel, because I just keep on watch you like sooooo many times a day. Lol 😉 Annnnnd I HIT the bell for notifications….

  12. Idk y my comments aren't together as a whole.
    Anyway, what I was trying to say was..
    " Maybe you should stop, Idk"
    " I only say that because you seem truly unhappy to cover the subject."

  13. I'm glad u did this video it is informative I do use it but never get it online it's not for everyone but gave me some things to think about

  14. Cold you name company in Utah? I live here and pot is still illegal or very limited. CBD oil unless you buy from a medical dispensary does not have THC in it. CBD oil helps people need to understand how it works. I have seen the help CBD has given my grandson who suffers from severe aniexty, PTSD. Of course as with anything you are going to get the rogue shady companies Use a reputable company. Geez it's just like the idiots believing the diet crap. Iam disabled and will endorse medical MJ all the way, also CBD oil. Trust the FDA under this government right now hell no. If it's so terrible why is the government trying so hard to get into the market with synthetic pot??? I agree with you on false hype in marketing. Of course take the drugs make pharma even richer while the side effects kill you. News flash you don't have to smoke it . Wow

  15. I agree with you katie I have an autonomic nervous system disorder. If I hear why dont you try medical marijuana one more time. Like I dont want to, and my medication and cardiac retraining/ rehabilitation is working for me.

  16. Unfortunately when you're talking about a plant from nature it's not regulated & it shouldn't be. Keep it free keep it out of the stores and stop trying to capitalize on a plant from nature.

  17. In my opinion.. this is just the next big pharna money making scam, as was the oxy/opiate outbreak. That is main reason for the drug epidemic we are still facing today n have been for nearly 2 decades.

  18. Thank you so much for covering this topic! My dog has epilepsy so I'm no stranger to everyone pushing cbd oil on us. It wasn't until our vet and neurologist tried ALL epilepsy meds available in Canada and deemed him medication resistant that we tried cbd oil, reluctantly. I haven't seen any improvements with the cbd oil but everyone still seems to think that it's a miracle drug for epilepsy!

  19. 😂 The dogs are demonstrating how ppl fight n argue in the comments lol 😂 Once again, thanks for an amazing video!

  20. Hi Katie, have you ever looked into Rick Simpson and his claims with the THC tincture? He is one name I constantly hear to reference why THC is a yes to cure everything.

    I watched his documentary, it was interesting. Id love to see you debunk his claims. (curing a terminal lung cancer patient )

  21. The only part I disagree with about what you have said, is we do know what part of the oil helps you, it's the actual cbd, it attaches to the cbd receptors in your brain and makes you produce your own cbd, the questionable part is the oil itself. Also a lot of people are confusing cbd oil, from the male plant, and cannabis oil, it's not the same thing

  22. I also have a child w autism also.We do a gluten free dairy free diet and some vitamins but i wouldn't be trying marijuana personally for my kid. I personally though would rather try cbd or even cannabis oil than ritalin. Not all companies are trustworthy though for sure. Vaccines contain alumimum too and thats safe supposedly. I dont find the FDA too trustworthy either. Idk its a touchy subject im all over the place with it lol and i admire you for speaking up though!!!

  23. I have chronic neuropathic pain. I always keep my eye out for news and studies on treatments, and was hopeful this could be the answer, bummer

  24. Hey! Love your show. I am an actual Cannabis Researcher with a PhD in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology! I would love to do a a Q&A about all of this and more! <3 So tired of the pseudoscience and myths about – well everything! xo _BCross

  25. It was really good you put this out there, the more information the better.
    Joe Rogan put out on his podcast a clip with the headline "Cbd is one of the best things I've ever tried for anxiety".
    If I didn't watch your video today I would have believed him.
    So thank you for putting this out there.

  26. I was about to try this stuff last year out of desperation but I ended up not doing it because it wasn’t legal in Ohio at the time to order or purchase cbd products online – they did eventually change that here but I’m pretty sure that there are still states where it is Not legal for cbd oil to be sold and transported via usps regardless of whether or not it has THC so remember kids read the fine print of your states laws before accidentally ordering something illegally. Many but not all online sites that sell this stuff even say before checkout that You as a buyer are liable for following your state laws…you are the one who could get in trouble not them. The companies will get off free.

  27. I stopped marijuana use in 1973 BECAUSE IT PRODUCED INTENSE PARANOIA. NOW, AS A CANCER PATIENT…yup! It's been suggested. But there is NO FUKING WAY I would EVER USE THAT SHIIIITT 4 anything. NO!

  28. And if they rush these drugs it can end up like OxyContin and many people died and many more were left addicted so you don’t want anything you will be prescribed to be rushed you should always want to know side effects, long term use effects on top of daily short term use. I care!!!

  29. I live in Utah what brand so I stay away from it I’m looking into CBD for chronic pain and illness but I wanna find what’s safest before even trying it to many things at stake to just be a guinea pig

  30. Don’t worry about the fighters I wanna hear this cause I know that you go off facts and I actually wanna know the truth so do this for the ppl that truly care what you have to say because they know who you are and what you represent all the others just ignore don’t try to get those who don’t understand to understand let them be ignorant. Teach us teach me I care about the truth and only the truth!! Thanks Katie!!!

  31. I wish people could disagree based on facts and not make it personal. My personal belief is based on evidence – that it can help alleviate symptoms, but shouldn't be considered as a miracle cure.

  32. Is it sad that I'm more upset that Charlotte's web is a scam site selling crap, that ironically can contain the exact harmful levels of things that antivax complain about being in vaccines. While chugging a crapton of CBD oil. Among other garbage that doesnt work.

  33. I think there is a place for it in medicine. BUT it is NOT as safe or good as they've tried to say it is. I fully agree with everything you said Katie. I personally do not like it and hope I will never have to try it ever again. I had a horrible reaction to it so I know it's not compatible with me. My doctor said he's not surprised I reacted negatively to it due to me not being able to tolerate a specific class of medications. Anyway, my mother who has advanced alzhimers disease with dementia, she's currently in a Tertiary Program for help to figure out a medication that will help settle her, calm her, comfort her, and help reduce her confusion and violent response to care aids and nurses helping change her clothes and help her go to the bathroom. She is unfortunately allergic to 90% of pharmaceutical medications and painkillers. It's been just horrible. Nothing short of heartbreaking watching my young sweet gentle mother turn in just a couple short years from completely normal to ripping her own hair hour screaming at the wall. No exaggeration. I finally approved a medication that contains THC as a last ditch effort because the hospital started talking to me about a cycle of dozens of ECT treatments. I lost my mind in anger and went strait to our complaint center for our health authority as well as straight to her neurologist for help to halt this treatment before it began. Because she was certified when entering the Tertiary program, I lost all my rights my mother gave me to make her medical desisions due to her inability. I won and no ECT was ever going to happen to her. The medications we then tried that contain THC were nothing short of a miracle. They brought her back from being strapped in full restraints to the bed to walking, laughing, eating!, and going back into a lower level Tertiary Program where instead if 6 care aids needed to do her care, we now require 2-3. She still talks gibberish but she's back as much as possible. It shows me their is a place for these medications, and gosh they must be extremely potent if they calmed my mother with such advanced behaviors. I would be absolutely terrified to try medications like this without an entire team of doctors monitoring them. I hope that makes sense. You are awesome for tackling such a difficult topic. I agree with everything you say. I cannot imagine a person un monitored taking these products and them not being manufacturered in a government facilities. Thank you Katie

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