Famous Dex Admits To Spending Up To $10,000 A Month on Marijuana Addiction (WARNING)

He was so HIGH he sound DRUNK lol. If your ADDICTION starts impacting your MONEY and your HEALTH it’s time to reevaluate how much you taking.


  1. If you're reading this comment "huh 10K?" so I know you enjoyed the video.

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    LAdies and Gents I preciate y'all for tuning into this video and deciding to click on it. As always my motto is "If It Doesn't FEED You, Don't WATER It", much luv 🙂

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  2. Does 'two to three zips per day' mean two to three ounces per day? Because in my state where it's legal that's the only way ten grand per month for weed can happen. Was he living on a respirator hooked up to a bong?

  3. I used to be one of those "scholars" that would go around explaining how great Marijuana is for you.

    My Youtube channel started making me several thousand a month at 19 years old and all of that money is gone now…

    Why? Marijuana. The shit is addictive. Maybe it isn't as addictive as Cocaine or Alcohol, I don't care… it's addictive.

    My belief is everyone has a drug of choice. The only reason why some feel certain drugs are more addictive than others is simply because their preference.

    They're all equally addictive to the right person. Marijuana suited me great. It allowed me to forget my aggravations with my father leaving me while enhancing my thought that I appreciate so much.

    The fact is, though, it's a trick. It slowly made me more and more dependent. You should be able to settle your demons on your own, without any crutch. It IS possible. It is not easy, but easy is never the answer. Nothing of worth in life is easy or painless. Even love includes a lot of pain and struggle. I also felt completely incapable without it, which was never me, I always was very capable without it. The shit is straight shit. Stay away from it if you're listening, take heed from someone who was in the same shoes of you one day.

  4. I think you should start doing more videos on you. Your energy is fire and shouldn’t be focused on others all the time

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