1. Every body reading this needs to understand there isn’t a such thing as a fake cart . It’s all black market other than the cbd carts which don’t get you hair.

  2. @5:13

    I've literally never SMOKED out of those and that's PLASTIC!?!?!

    Your heating that up too hot for that material, not healthy and PLUS they should be glass…. That sounded horrendous when you dropped it)

    Like seriously look at the oil and then the vial

  3. I don't know who sold you that? They bogus as hell. You need yo ass whipped for buying that. Wait you prob put some chicken grease in a cart to do a video

  4. This why you should stick to flower 🙈if you smoke carts cuz you don’t want your parents finding out then you jus shouldn’t smoke 😹

  5. People gotta stop filming videos that they have no idea what they’re about to say. This kid talked in circles I was waiting for him to get to a point and got bored….so bored I don’t remember what this video was suppose to be about…monkeys?

  6. Apparently every cart is fake
    Videos about carts bringing fake
    Videos about them being real but everyone in the comments says they are actually fake, unless you get it from a dispensary then people will call them fake, I have yet to see a video where everyone is like yea that’s a real cart, there’s always a nay sayer

  7. I recommend double delicious carts I get mine in the dispensaries here in spokane washington the are range $9( sale days ) to $25 just depends on their sales going on but they are legit the best carts I have had flavor and potency wise

  8. Rove Cartridges are by far the best. The oil is thick and the bubble never moves. Only two long draws and I’m set for the day. Yes they are expensive, but well worth the price.

  9. As long as your aware that you're buying from the black market and know what to look for you should be fine. I bought some off-white carts that were fire

  10. if the juice is gas n quality why does it matter loli have had multi exotics that got me blowed asf and i smoke 7.5 to 14 a day. anyone can make good wax

  11. When I first started smoking the carts, I was getting exotic carts and paying 60 a piece… I felt like I was getting ripped off, so I found a different guy who lives closer, but he sells Dank Vapes… I've never been more satisfied… I pay 50 a cart, and every single one has gotten me lifted

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