Exterminator broad mites in Outdoor 2019 marijuana garden in Sacramento ca

Hi I want to show everyone my experience I am going through and the loss I am taking for not doing preventative maintenance. Ok m paying for it with broad …


  1. For those having issues with bugs and mold should look into using monterey garden insect spray. Its 100% organic and you can use it up to the day of harvest. Its a bacteria so it must be sprayed after sunset. Use only filtered water to mix the monterey garden spray. I havent had bugs or mold in 20 years.also you must remove the dead leaves as they will cause mold to spread fast.the humidity at night is getting to be too much and you will see the problems spread. Hopefully this helps.. Using neem oil on flowering plants in the heat is super bad.. It also makes your bud taste bad.neem is good for vegging small plants indoor in controlled enviroment.

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