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We’re living through a time of extraordinary change, but we often don’t stop to ask the basic questions. From Monogamy to Cryptocurrency, from Diets to …


  1. Vox's media strategy seems to be:
    1. Release unbiased genuinely informative documentaries to build credibility by showing their intellectual rigour.
    2. Occasionally smuggle in their collectivist identify politics ideology and hope it goes unnoticed.
    I invite other to convince me out of this notion.

  2. So Vox is going ViceLand? Hmmm…I might be semi interested as long as Vox tries to stay neutral. Vice is too pushy and preachy.

  3. I thought Vox is in Public interested media , Rather than commercial , Now They are not going to offer Quality content on YouTube, Vox is shifting towards Commercial side rather than open source under Netflix, Remember people only want to watch Content which are open

  4. I don’t know much about anything so I trusted Vox, I did know a lot about the corruption scandal of my country’s PM Nawaz Sharif being implicated in the Panama Papers. Vox never mentioned the Panama Papers as being the driving force behind his ouster, now I treat Vox like the rest of the MSM…..full of shit

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