1. “An oz isn’t that much” says the motherfuckers that can’t even go buy an ounce/ have never even bought more than an 1/8 of shit at a time. Lames

  2. Erik was so lucky not to have gotten arrested in Japan back in the 90’s. I’m sure he blazed up that ounce before flying back.
    I would.

  3. We’re not talking about it being a large amount in general.. just a large amount over there where their laws are so strict on it.

  4. This guy's music was shit and he's an idiot. Perfect joe guest these days. He would have been deported. Not jailed for life.. Two dickheads talking shit

  5. I'm gonna be honest about the weed guys being in jail for a sec…

    I know plenty of people who sell weed, but I dont know anyone who sells weed only. They all sell pills, shrooms, stolen subwoofers, etc etc etc. Those guys earned their stay in the ol concrete hotel.. js

  6. Mfer telling stories . testing weed …if it turns blue it's weed ….bro everybody knows cocaine is tested and if turns blue it's real but you crazy as fuck trying to pull that shit …even lil white lies like that is foolish and now I'm a lil more less a fan .

  7. Joe I live in rhode island and the dispensary in providence is owned by the corrections facility owner. Now no one else can get business licenses for it

  8. I'm amazed they dont have a pot system in jail. Think about it, you cant riot if you're too busy laughing because your buddy forgot what he said

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