Emotion runs high in MN debate on legalizing marijuana

Emotions ran high as debate kicked off at the State Capitol on Wednesday on whether Minnesota should legalize recreational marijuana.


  1. The first fb post is stupid lol we don’t want to teach kids to not use weed and lie to them like we’ve been lied to since birth, stupid. We shouldn’t even be sending kids to school in the first place.

  2. decriminalize the marijuanna and make it impossible to get a dui for cannabis its not alcohol its not a pain pill just know how it affects you before you drive and it will be fine just like you already do with your prescription…..DRUGS… my fellow druggies. 🙂

  3. So we do not have a right to use grass or a weed that was provided by nature??This seed shall not feed! It is Sinful and Amoral? My my sit back and sigh)=. This worlds elite have taken a seat. !! You are my boss! So all is lost. I will go to jail needing some bail. For taken a toke you are the joke!! See the word is That most Herbs are good for your health!! Research and study nature itself!! Even doctors are making it clear. No fear the herb is from nature God given and right. Now jailing my brothers for taken a toke! Will jack up their families and all kinds of folk!! Your stock in prisons is about to go down cause we have decided you are the clown!! You will eat a pill yet yell at me still. Judging all God and nature have given to thee Millions of families have been destroyed! Damaged and lost! For your view and judgement are not worth the cost!!! Look at this war on drugs!! Just creating thugs!! You send them to prison and off to the jail! While marry a daughter will surely not hail. From a private school her dad is in jail!! Thank you!! Do research please on distant past!! You think Big Pharma is fine and well ???? Tell me my friend your Stock you should Sell!!!!

  4. WTF..for years law enforcement and state government couldn't give exact figures on illicit sales, number of kids actively abusing drugs or even how much of the population uses any and all drugs-which includes alcohol and tobacco. Yet the freaks come out in droves with percentages and made up stats to argue against legalization of cannabis. Minnesota was prime for legalizing, but guess what they drag a lady out whose son died from someone who had THC in their body..but was legally drunk on alcohol. I think we need to do what happened with same sex marriage..state after state approved it..until we wake up one day and all 50 states legalized it. Minnesota is so hung up on the words of it's thug law enforcement tactics..it will only get approval through a federal mandate..A damn shame for such a progressive state!

  5. When I would buy weed, my dealer would have all the drugs… hmmm wonder why its a gateway drug? Legalise and regulate.

  6. Come on people we all know why these Republicans voted this measure down let's not get ahead of ourselves here we know what this is they do not care about the people because if they cared about the majority of Minnesota it would have been legalized and not voted down so fast the pharmaceutical lobbyists still have a strong hold on this damn state

  7. If you live in Mn and your for Marijuana to be legalized Thumbs up 👍 my comment if you disagree put thumbs down 👎 I’m going to say legalization is the best thing and needs to be. we’re living in 2019 not the 1900.profit tax it fix these damn pot holes all over Saint Paul . And whoever made this video needs to show the the thumbs up to the politicians and the middle finger 🖕 to anyone that disagrees!LEGALIZE POT =FUNDS TO FIX POT HOLES 🕳 and many other problems widen highways 🛣 35 W is way too packed these days and population grows daily.Don’t be shy people tell them what we want, maybe thousands at the Capital will get attention?

  8. Might have to find a new home IN A NEW STATE.. it's not a gate way drug. Oh boy. Drinking beer is worse for you. So is stress..

  9. The stuff that we grew up about and learned about weed is what is making people think this is bad like lets be real alot of the stuff about weed are myths some of it is true though but its not that bad of results like it hurts your lungs like who gives af like the gateway drug we all learned in D.A.R.E ya fun fact they took that out of dare

  10. Lynda this one is for you im from Minnesota and i believe weed should be legal and your comment of that weed is a gateway drug is wrong i know people that are heroin addicts and they all told me they have all drank milk yah that sound stupid dosen't it but the fact is lets say everyone smoked weed like how we all have drank milk would that make us a move on to heroin? Think about it

  11. If they legalize it in Minnesota I will lose interest completely. The fact that it was illegal and the way they are parading it just shows me the kind of people Europeans are.

  12. Wow, intense debate. If only the opposition could understand that recreational legalization will advance positive agricultural, economic, and social justice developments for the state.

  13. decriminalize it tell them burecrats to take a hike. you media people put on a fake show all of you hire or are paid actors. kare 11 what is that? id turn that tv off thats what id do

  14. Cannabis for ever. People who are against, they either ignorant or if they have a position on the state, they get paid by the pharmaceutical companies.

  15. I'm an adult living in a larger city in Minnesota. I can walk outside my house at any time of day or night and buy whatever drug I'm in the mood for. The kick to that is I can never trust what I'm buying is clean. I have no idea how many butt holes what I'm about to smoke has been inside of to get to me. Is it quality product or, depending on the situation, did someone cut corners or find it growing in the side of some ditch? That reason alone should be enough to get it legalized. People are going to smoke cannabis no matter what laws you put in place to try to keep us from it. The least a responsible, caring government can do is make it safer for us to consume it.

    This panel is a perfect representation of people who oppose legalization of marijuana: out of touch, white, OLD. We need a change.

  16. If somebody goes to rehab for marijuana there are other reasons for them being there it's not a physically addictive drug it's mentally if you a active user and you quit itd be like if you quit smoking tobacco your gonna be cranky a few days but if you have real will power you'll get over it

  17. "Minnesota isn't interested in having a dispensary open up right in front of their neighborhood schools'
    Well I'll tell you what. If we did have legal marijuana the black market would lose their money, and you could use the tax revenue from those damn dispensaries to make those schools better!

  18. Legalize it already. Treat cannabis the same way as alcohol and tobacco are treated. That is, you educate people from an early age on its effects, but ultimately let them decide as an individual whether or not they want to consume it, when they reach the legal age to purchase. Redirect law enforcement agencies towards actually protecting and serving the public, instead of having pot police. Young adults are going to get their hands on marijuana regardless, same as they do with alcohol or cigarettes. Having it legal will take out the rebelling factor, the urge to do it simply because it is illegal. And finally, who cares if there are ads in the paper or on TV for legal marijuana? I think it might actually make commercials entertaining for a change.

  19. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  20. If you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes but are against marijuana legalization, your a hypocrite. If you eat garbage fast food and are overweight but against marijuana, you are also a hypocrite. Pot will be legal here in Minnesota soon. Get on board or stfu and live your own life. Quit telling others how to live.

  21. Regulate cannabis the same way onions are regulated!! I'm actually pretty sure onions have killed more people than cannabis.

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