1. Elon Musks Stock dropped 9% when he took that one puff. Losing $9billion.

    Moral of the story: You can make the world for the better but people will still judge you by what you do

  2. That guy sounds like a kid who just started smokin weed and is now stuck around it all the time instead of focusing on real issues in his life.

  3. Never had a blunt, but I have hit a mulch. At first, it's fucking great. It feels like you're flying. But the effects from a mulch don't last as long as the effects from a green bowl. All in all, I'll just stick to green bowls.

  4. hahahaha joe rogan asking for magnet shield 😀 dude, if everyone had AI cars then there wont be any need cuz they can also communicate to each other + there wont be any need cuz they have sensors that detect everything around them + they drive by the law so its 100% impossible for a accident to happen if EVERYONE had a tesla or any car with complex AI system

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