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  2. ANYONE who smokes weed knows he didn't inhale. His tollerance probably not that high and didn't want to risk being blasted on TV.

  3. All u guys saying that he should be left alone obviously don’t realize that he has government contracts and a government security clearance.

  4. "one of those moving images on Twitter" jfc that dude sounds like a tightwad closet case. Also erb sent me here.. Indirectly

  5. Every one is salty bc he's smoking weed like let the man do what he wants he makes more than your whole family combined

  6. I'm on he didn't even inhale he was just going with the flow of an incredible interview, which people would know if they bothered to watch the whole thing

  7. I mean its just a blunt lol… not like he was poppin painkillers/anti- depressants or shooting up heroin 🤦‍♂️

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