Elf Kit Vaporizer Best Unit for prefilled 510 Cartridges by HoneyStick how to, oil Inhale & Vape

Small, compact, stylish and most importantly it is Auto-Draw button less design of this high quality aerospace feel ELF concealer. Available in 5 classy colors this …


  1. Bought the elf like 2 weeks ago from a local smoke shop the first week it worked Good as hell the it started to seem like all the cartridges I’ve used on them aren’t hitting at all I’m disappointed

  2. New to vaping and I love my Elf Vape. Easy to use but had trouble figuring out the different cartridges but now its a breeze.

  3. I like the design but a lot of these auto draw devices eventually have auto firing issues. Sometimes the button is a safer option. I’d hate to burn out my $35 cartridge on a $10 vape.

  4. I recently got the elf, it works pretty well but for some reason it oozes out wax underneath, in very slight dosages. Is that normal?

  5. im having problems with my elf, when i draw to hit the cartridge if i stop hitting it after a few seconds itll keep firing untill it blinks and its burnt up a couple carts on me 🙁

  6. damn this thing is good. little struggle finding the adapter but maybe that's just me. hits better than any other vape like this i've tried, love the magnetic connection.

  7. I bought the Elf from Honey Stick! I don't normally leave reviews on youtube, but Dan is the MAN, and I had to say something.
    Honey Stick is AWESOME, very fast delivery and everything worked exactly as he said in the video. Great quality and options in the online store with great prices as well.

    ~The Long:
    I ordered my Elf and the next day they had a buy one get one deal on their website, I know its my bad for missing the deal. I thought I would email support and ask if they would be willing to give me the deal I missed that day. I knew it was a very low chance, but I was still excited to get the 1 Elf I ordered. So i emailed support and Dan Hoff of all people got back to me and said he would give me the deal.

    Dan did not have to do this, this was completely out of kindness on his part. Needless to say a few days later I received 2 Elf's and have been shocked at how small and easy they are to use. They are SOLIDLY built. Very small, like a key fob or smaller.

    Trust me, Honey stick is now my go to vape choice! and the Elf is AWESOME 🙂 Thumbs up/5 stars

  8. I bought one and found it takes a couple of draws for it to warm up before any clouds come out. took me a while to figure that out

  9. I’ve been looking for a vape to use my cartridges with and I believe I found the one. Seems super legit hopefully everything goes well

  10. This is a badass little dude, ultra concealable, a couple short puffs heats the oil, then take a long draw for a huge cloud. Can't beat HoneyStick, great company that stands behind their products 100%

  11. Will my heavy hitters pre filled cartridges work with this? I am unable to find out the size of the cartridges

  12. This vape is DOPE af! Love the small size and the magnetic another winner product from you guys keep up the great work 👍🏼

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