Drug test failure THC CBD oil

A growing share of workers are failing drug tests. Big Rig Radio Network is a trucking channel set out to help company drivers to become owner operators.


  1. Jeffery, your numbers are skewed. 34% increase does not mean 1 in 3.

    If 10 out of 100 failed. Adding a 34% increase only means they added 3.4 people to the list. Of which only 1 may have been a truck driver. Think about that.

    CBD is snake oil for the 21st century. I have a great working relationship with my local pharmacist, since I suffer from chronic pain. He’s tried it, pronounced it BS in a bottle.

    I use an all natural herbal remedy I buy from an Italian monastery (not hemp or CDB) that’s diluted 4 drops in a cup of alcohol, and rubbed on. It works okay, and it’s better than eating pain pills all day IMHO

  2. BIG NEWS FLASH. rvt just open a bigg can whope ass. If these groups get wind of this. I e 28, white supremacists. To others, we are in big world hurt. Thats right folks of the trucking community. He has open the door of havic upon us. If any one knows him have him take down the vidoes plz. If not. We are in trouble

  3. How about we drug test congress. How about as a grown ass adult we can put whatever we want in our own body when we are at home. How about some freedom. The argument should be weed should be as legal as alcohol. I’m sick and tired of government regulations while DC is a bunch criminals. How about that. CBD has saved lives. Oh but a man with a dr in front of his name can legally give you anti psychotics and anti depressants that cause people to do insane things. This argument is a joke. Grown ass adults when off duty at home should do whatever they damn well please. The government doesn’t own me.

  4. Just caught the refeed. I can answer why the increase in usage. CBD small portion. Most of it is welfare to work programs. Trucking is about the cheapest industry to get into. So all the states pay for welfare people to go to school to move them from welfare to work. But most of them dont want to work. But failing drug test is the easiest way to get fired without hurting some one else. No I'm not saying all welfare people dont want to work. But if a survey was taken. You find that the 34% would be inline with the amount of people who dont want to work. Same reason applies to new driver accident rate. Just my thoughts on it. Love the show always good info

  5. Here is the thing Jeff people who are popping dirty on drug tests with CBD oil are buying there stuff from gas stations etc most of that crap comes from across the big pond. I have been taking hemp CBD oil for 5 years every single day twice a day and have had MANY Dot random drug tests and pass every single one of them. Why take the chance you say? Because I suffer from anxiety and I refuse to take pharmacy meds because of the serious health effects that you can get from taking them. The ones that are getting caught are the using either gas station CBD or buying CBD made from marijuana.

  6. You are not trained and knowledgable. You are spewing bullshit. You dont know wtf ur talking about. Take the time to research CERTIFIED THC FREE cbd oils/products from FDA regulated and monitored companies….such as CTFO or HempWorx. These co's publish and disclose openly by third party certification. Pls dont represent inaccurately.

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