1. Thank you Dr Mate for enlightening people to something I have believed to be true most of my life. We need you so badly!

  2. My oldest daughter was beaten by my sisters husband at 13 months old in 1975 while I was in the hospital having my second child. I've always wondered if this had anything to do with her mental illness today at 45 years old. What I never thought about was that I had to hand over my newborn daughter to my sister as soon as I got home from the hospital so I could rush my beaten daughter to the hospital. She also has mental illness though different than her older sister. They both have ADHD as well as myself.

  3. I am So Grateful I Came to Know Dr Gabor Matee..
    His Reflections By Genious Mind..
    & Heartwise with Compassion.
    It's Deeply Inspiring..
    Also How To Be connecting with My Kids..
    Humanity Issues as Well…
    Understanding More Deeply 💚

  4. Dr can you come to Hobart Indiana and make me your apprentice..!! 10 years ago, without reading a thing, I noticed and would tell everyone how I know noticed that all those with addictions to drugs are very intellectual, empathetic, spiritually intense and confused. I’ve never had child hood trauma that I can think of. Always strong mentally and physically until my 30s. Until I matured and seen the world for what it truly is, and I can’t stop hiding from it. To confused to manifest positive thoughts. To broke to stay busy. To lazy and bored to keep cleaning the same floors in my home, and to controlled & scared to be able to walk away. If I could only figure it all out. I’ve been praying since a child that when my spirit leaves this body , I can be a saint of the children. I hate pain or seeing anyone suffer, especially children. Uhhhhh I just want to help everyone but not strong enough to figure myself out. 🙁

  5. I've had the pleasure of working on two national committees with Dr. Mate here in Canada. I would say that he is the top addictions specialist in the world today. I'm glad I get to call him a friend.

  6. This interviewer is TOO much – Too much self promotion! Are addicted to yourself or voice, come on. Its unnecessary when your content is excellent, like yours, your are showing your own narcissism.

  7. Great interview Brian. You really made Gabor shine. Simply amazing. I have seen some other interviews with Gabor and there is a certain kind of ease and flow in this one that captures really well the essence of who and what Gabor is all about as well as his teachings. It is a treasure!

  8. Mate @ 21:40 Why do people use? Why do they engage in addictions? Because they have deep emotional problems they don't have the means to resolve on their own. That's why they use.

  9. You can call it trauma or suffering in religious context but essentially is the connecting factor of vulnerability and trust that wasn’t met by anyone else – but we are grown now. We know that true comfort and care doesn’t come externally but only from within, because we are valued by the pure existential proof that we are here. The universe moved all its gears to bring you and me about – that is providence in its truest sense of the word. Grace & peace xoxo

  10. Some of us were brought up in a culture of heavy drinking and weren't trying to escape anything. It was only after a years of doing this that we ran into trouble.

  11. Dr.Gabor Maté💓 I can listen to Him for Hours continuously .. m just so so much inspired by his intuition, his way of thinking and then expressing it.. sometimes a person can b mesmerizing by his thoughts at so many different levels ❤ while listening to him I wept alot as if he was speaking my heart.. 💞

  12. This video exonerated me for being at fault for the drug addict that was once called my husband. Now if only Dr Mate could address how the addict himself goes on to create additional trauma to a second generation by being a parent while an addict. Then perhaps a whole family can resolve traumas to no longer continue.
    I never regretted leaving the addict of drugs, sex-porn, food and work. Having children with an addict is what I carry great sorrow over. It will all play out as to how the trauma will manifest in years to come.

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