1. If anyone in the comment section is skeptical of Dr. Sebi, give me the name of another 80+ year old man that can have healthy kids. I'll wait.

  2. Why can’t we hit the government with the Conspiracy charge? Like they do with all the Hispanics and blacks. They don’t even need evidence anymore, they just can get 2 or 3 people to lie on your name and boom, your hit with that Conspiracy charge. This the most bullshit charge ever to exist, why can’t the government get hit with Conspiracy? Bitch ass mthfks locked up my parents over that shit, didn’t even have actual evidence. The whole government should get hit with Conspiracy.

  3. Anthony bowman prooved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he could indeed cure AIDS to a jury of his peers!
    Because he didnt use pharmaceuticals he wasnt "practicing medecine"…

  4. They killed nippsey an we all know it truth shall set h free…even if they didn't people are woke baby at least waking up

  5. all of the facts about Dr Sebi has been proven and the news adds can be found that was run in the news paper and if dr sebi was fake the federal government would have thrown him in jail…dude you are stupid you masking false claims

  6. Conspiracy Theory is a term coined by the F.B.I., after the assassination of JFK, when Too many People had hardline, unanswered questions concerning the ' coincidences ', & ' conveniences ' of the hit. It was used to make People that were on the Right track look like idiots, lunatics, & baffoons..
    THE MOST HIGH , HEAVENLY FATHER YAHUAH, has Given us , ALL, Natural Herbs to cure All ailments.
    It's 2019 , People… Who are You gonna continue to put your Trust / Faith in ?…..then they find this Wolf in Sheep's clothing to try to discredit. Can't wait for The Day of Retribution. HalluYAHUAH..

  7. Oops, I hit the send button before I was finished. I am not trolling and I'm certainly not, nor ever have been, a racist. I am honestly wondering why almost everything I discovered in my search comes from black people. With two exceptions; one white man's review, and the mention of John Travolta as one of Dr Sebi's clients (in this video) I would honestly like to know why that is. I have been searching for years through hundreds of promising accounts of natural remedies and none have ever been split along racial lines. A curiosity.

  8. I just ran across black seed oil on YouTube a little while ago. It sounded promising, so I began searching earnestly for verification. I'm old and suffer from multiple ailments as well is chronic and severe pain from back injuries. I have an intolerance to opiates (the side effects I experience are almost as bad as my multiple conditions)

  9. look in the dictionary for "sellout"…this pork chop eating man titty having faggot who narrated this video's picture will be there

  10. Lol this is the government page. 😂😂They are paid to do these videos smh y’all stay woke up fuck this mf he don’t know what he talking about. De Sebi is right we all eat junk food which causes us to get sick . Anyone ever left McDonald’s fries they last about 5 months before they really start to go bad. That’s not real food. You get sick then there we go to the hospital we’re we after have to pay . Smh this world is sick and evil and all about money. Jesus will be coming back.

  11. People ppl love conspiracy theories , esp hood community if it shows that there is a force of people in power trying to keep them down. Always claiming victimhood

  12. Debunk the fact that you are communist leftists run by feminists and gays who lie through your teeth to promote the GloboHomo, One World Government, Anti-White/Christian/Men agenda.

  13. By posting this you CONFIRM that it’s true. BuzzFeed is just as bad as CNN. You are downright fucking liars! Fuck you buzzfeed you’re not fooling ANYONE!

  14. This is very misleading and your description of Dr.Sebi is false. Because he beat the state of New York and the Federal government you’re misleading just like the government so your video is trash


  16. Being a Yellow Journalist must mean that having to make up lies to say that Buzzfeed is Yellow Ribbon Journalism at it's highest decree. Even while Black Presenter is promoting that Aids is still killing people. Were's the truth in this, if only a few minutes reliably to pitch the underlying message about a hokey cause about AIDS. Persons Black or White, Brown, Red, Yellow skinned everywhere who suffer from the affliction of HIV because AIDS has been curtailed unless, UNLESS the whole B-Leaguering of the entire story being a front and Nipsey is still alive? I have a reservation also to include, Mac Miller and XXXTENACION well, the two's last video's were the same Post-Death Arisen Theme, that where both Artists were placing themselves in Cadaverous situations in Coffins for Marketing Benefaction… They didn't become really famous until after they died. Cuz I'll tell you, whether true or not one thing for real truth, that I might have pissed you offed for saying this, this is only my personal opinion in Characters of Nipsey Hustle and what he represented as about support of the Community and the like, but man, his Music is (if you can call it that in the first place) is really, really lacklustre sheen compared to a lot of other artists out there that to figuring out how he ever wound up with a Grammy, gore LA of a gain, and that for the one thing to pressing- the morals of this story- Is defining the only truth baring (insult, yes I am aware) but for the sake of people who being caught up in the Game with Gangs and you talk like many but like that Character of Characture 'Cowboy' don't be using the word of Title and sheer style personage of the Tombstone Verbose "Good Guy", it's voodoo taboo against your whole circle of friends for unrest to the Soul that to be using the word 'Dude' about a Murderer, thief, thieves, shady characters, in malice for loss- for those who (I know it's tough as F***) convincing that you, yourself is super cool and a criminal in smooth pursuit of greater material things, that using this 'Dead Give-Away' terminology for 'Class-Caste' persons who know the real History of that word, inventive of the State of Arizona in the mid-late 1800's that you don't wanna be using this word indicative, that you're selling out everybody in I WILL THINK INDICATING WHOSE involved.. I have had issues myself with from the company (you or I that we welcome into OUR Lives), We don't need the hassles! DUDE 'For IE- Like' I will look at you and say in retro-cause remedial sayin' "DUDE" to thinking (if something going on we dealing up-to-no-good-in-Inglewood) I WILL THINK you are some 'freskeren weirdO' from these Gezaulhte 'Cour-et-Free Gaza Experiment' (testing yours as well as my intelligence- COUR-ET-FREE-GAZA– these MASONS gamble on the exclusion of those faced impoverished or imprisoned) curtailing, force-in-effect, that I don't come after Freemasonry. Whose weight of influencespreading lies and preventing truth in real Architectual History these as 'Chosen Wilk' using it as leverage against us– unto keeping hidden secrets, hidden and those of the corrupted degenerative balance to correct your children etc. We need to expose them — Which in closing the Myth successful to these fraggerist boerkiste plagiary. That to bleed through their lies, not-withstanding that Gezaulhte GORE RAY-GARy BUGGERY- Limbo to playing Queerish in Presense games they are, both institutionally selective and part of the secular 'Class Chosen Caste' (that I SURE AS HELL LEGO MY LEG SHRINER GUY – "AM NOT ONE" nor would I ever conside that!)

    Thru out the hundreds of years these FREEMASONS have been looming around integral of everything Architectually wonderous of the Capital Grounds of Washington, DC. (they were a different breed back then) Freemasons created in a different time/era – A lot different than technology confounded of today – I can assure you they hide everything that they can to not let you know blessed that the truth and knowledge (or anything knowledgeable there-of) can be found — can it be found- that these Freemasons who like to breed their young and integral to Fraternity and Sororities of the Collegiate balance as early as the Boy Scouts these spooky deceptive to groups, as to now wonder why that from a fresh rich collective brand of, "Powerful Men" who don't deserve using Us as Sacrificial Lamb, less, a Lion will tear their F**ING LEGS OFF~!! Fraternal Order of Wilk, people kept as stock, or cattle of Casket et Cremona, (beneath them subservient as a Milk Man which they drink and we deliver for them or suffer) their Politician for their own, who keep people tacked to live's bounded to a lever-gore ie-galliea gala; amongst them- to make us less promising of reaching unto attaining self-success or creature to exist in building our family and the pursuit of happiness is deceived, to be a reduced- Gore ihr grat Jar- as in hierarchical command- "THE 'N-WORD' pressed into the realm of slavery- that of misery in Poverty, Segregation, 'Class-Caste' to make us go Missing from in Our Dreams to succeed that of daily routine and prosper WE of those who suffer in the Sir Lee *CAUTION GENERAL who host the good life in retrospect. schleggaert to their entitled WILK; the wealth they earn, seemingly effortlessly, in contention to struggle grasp to say !!!

    keep your children safe from the hands of evil.


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  18. Our society is so pathetic believing in a twat con artist like “Dr” Sebi. It really goes to show how badly our education system has failed. Eh, he’ll be forgotten in a few more months.


  20. I believe this because Nipsey & Sebi unlocked the key to black empowerment which is a treat to white capitalist.. Ownership & Organic Nutrition for blacks..
    Look it up..

  21. Crack Celebrity healer!?… They seriously still trying to paint Dr. Sebi as a fraud!?😤

    Bitch ass idiots! That shit won't work!

  22. How much the government hire you for sellout you just talk what you told to puppet I dont blame you I blame you send you and better yet who send them smh to washtheir hands off nipsey should be alive but hey this marathon will continues on for decades to come el que sabe sabe cabronnnn… that part

  23. I'd like to believe that a good hearted black man involved in alternative medicine cured aids. I can even rationalize that Big Pharmacy and government have a vested interest in suppressing alternative medicines as they have done with alternative fuels. But so far I don't see any more evidence for that than people who say weed cures cancer.

    Dozens of testimonies. Hundreds of videos. But where is the actual proof. Where's the science. Its all well me telling you that weed can cure cancer, it would mean more if I showed you it cure cancer wouldn't it. But I can't. Just like its all very well me telling you to have an alkaline diet and have an alkaline body… but what the hell does that even mean with natural stomach full of acid. Part of critical thinking is to let go of the emotion, and what you want to believe, and instead assess the information. As of right now I can't see any real information that proves Sebi was anything other than an alternative medicine healer, of some success, not completely unsuccessful, but not the kind of miracle cure all diseases mastermind some paint him as. Be honest with yourself. Would you feel the same if he wasn't black. Sometimes I feel like people find the story more appealing on an emotional level because of the skin color.

  24. You better not listen to this bull shit. Hell yes big pharmaceutical companies thrive because we don’t research our own bodies. America wants us to only know thier bullshit education system and they only recognize doctors that they school. I been in healthcare care a lot of years and no doctor in the United States is trying to save ur life ever

  25. In China & other countries like them, there are Herbalist like Dr Sebi who knows Herbs are a proven medicine for hundreds or thousands of years. A license Doctor & modern medicine only exists in this 21st century, hundreds of years ago families with there sick will travel days to go visit a Herbalist they heard of who had healing powers. but more powerful healing came from the Bible & the church for GOD was to heal them, the monks grew herbs & vegetables & prepared them in a teas with a certain diet to eat (Medicine) with 1st accepting God the church & spiritual prayer (Meditation) that is why the church was so powerful & in control many believed that the monks (priest) was sent by GOD to heal you, all they were, was herbalists the church had knowledge & know how about herbs, stress & spiritual healing & was against other people knowing of this knowledge & practicing was considered evil & doing witchcraft.

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