1. Will I ever be able to smoke again i am on my 3rd day of a break and I am scared to try smoking bc I feel like it’s gonna set me back the pain is still there(make another video)

  2. Great video brotha. This shit sucks and people need to know that they need to not worry and stop smoking so much

  3. Also if you get 3 balls when you smoke the 3rd ball is puss or infection called epididimitis . When your thc inflames your epididmis so many times bacterial infection creates a 3rd sack of puss in your ballsack it has to be drained by a doctor with a needle

  4. Like this if it worked

    Get ice pack ,
    pop ibeprophine ,
    Smoke half a blunt first . With ice pack in balls. The IBEPROPHEN KILLS TESTICLE INFLAMMATION and ice pack cools it down.
    Lastly if your balls start to hurt ,,,,

    Pick up and rest in your hand your sack and open the skin in between like a book . It allows blood flow to hit the testis and instantly relieves pain . THIS IS TEMPORARY will work 2-3 times and you’ll have to stop

  5. So it IS the weed and ignoring you keep smoking the pain will cause infertility from the crushing ball pain. And you’ll stop getting hard how You use to . it’s going to harm your epididimys and your ball will turn to a soup like sack and it’s RIP

  6. Same thing happened to me this is what I was told , your epididmys is the vein that connects your balls to your body now our pain is in this vein because the thc in your blood causes inflammation where sperm is produced and it causes a epididmal cyst from sperm being backed up due to the inflamed veins , every time you go to hostpital there gonna say they can’t find anything because it’s just inflammation


  8. I have this. One day I was super high and had an extreme burning stabbing pain in my left testicle. I thought it was a torsion, the pain was so bad I actually fainted. I went to the ER and the ultrasound came out fine so I went home. Smoked weed again the next day and it came back, and started coming back every time I consumed THC, vaping or smoking. I made the correlation after a few more smoking sessions, and quit smoking weed for over a month. I finally hit a bong one good time, and the pain was back immediately. Haven't smoked since (~2 months), been to the urologist multiple times but everything checks out each time.

  9. This isn't a lie, currently experiencing the same thing.
    I tried an experiment in which i smoked from papers (Raw rollups) use to roll in tobacco cigarillos, smoked just 1/4 of the king size and sure enough pain in my right testicle. Everyone mentions left testicle but it began with my right. Followed by pelvis pain. Went to the hospital and everything. Only thing that helped alleviate the pelvis pain was a muscle relaxer.

    EDIT: I also had the ultrasound performed where they found hydrocele and a cyst in my right testicle, left testicle was fine until the pain from the right started to move to the left hours later followed by the ability to not walk or put pressure on my right leg. All types of antibiotics were prescribed.

  10. I’m going through this right now and It sucks. I don’t want to stop smoking but it seems like the only option. If anybody has anything the helps or knows what is going on I would really appreciate it.

  11. Currently going through this. I'm 20 years old, been smokin just about every day for the last 5 months. I just saw this video last night after I realized it could be weed related and now I'm scared. I'm scared at the lack of information, I'm scared of potentially losing my testicles or getting cancer, I have intense pain in my left nut and it seems everyone who goes to the ER either gets misdiagnosed or receives no diagnoses at all. I'd hate to go to the ER and pay out the ass just so a doctor can tell me they don't know what's wrong with me.

  12. i have this and i stopped smoking for a few weeks and tried again and i got it so bad i was shaking so much like jumping almost i just wunna smoke again but i guess i shouldnt it doesnt seem to happen when i dont smoke although there has been a bit of pain does anyone have more info on this?

  13. Even after quitting for 3 years because of extreme pains, I still get a terrible burn in my nuts from even taking a puff or inhaling passively…

  14. Jimmy i have varicocele… And my left nut hurt soooo much, like its on FIRE!! And if i smoke, i gets WORSE… I was getting better after a week of resting without smoking, smoke yesterday and baam, the pain comes back like the first time… I mean, everytime i get high now i get the pain.. WHAT THE FUCK? I dont' know whats going on… Holy… Im gonna quit and see if can cure me.,..

  15. I'm reporting back. I stopped vaping cannabis completely and I noticed an improvement after a year and a half. However, I still have some residual pain. The pain is residual though. Yup, the left testicle because most of the nerves are in the left testicle hence the saying "i'd give up my left nut" because that's the nut that feels all the sensations. Anyways, I am taking cryptolepis, sida acuta and acchornea root tincture to kill the bacteria. It's related to hernias and cavities (in lower molars) and left shoulder pain. This is why the doctor has you cough because it's related to hernias. There are positive sensations in my left nut indicative of healing, I think it's finally going away after 7-8 years.

  16. I started feeling the pain in both (mostly in left) nuts this time last year. Pain like Jimmy explained, on the floor pain, I would squat to allow blood flow to move easier and i was still in so much pain. I stopped smoking for a few months, and once got drunk and smoked a bit, I realized when im drunk, I can get a bit high and I wont feel the pain. But even if I still smoked alot while drunk, I would feel the pain again. Its a shame because im only 21, I loved smoking weed, and absolutely hate getting drunk. Now I have to go through the rest of my life not being able to get high without being in excruciating pain 🙁

  17. This happened to me yesterday and I went to the hospital in the picture, told me the same thing, "we didn't find anything " and I smoke a substantial amount of weed on the daily

  18. POT IS NOT SAFE!! I'm 55 Y/O. I smoked pot EVERYDAY from age 11 to 17 during my pubescent years. It is not safe! My nipples would tingle & started to protrude & my balls tingled, ached & I noticed darkening deposits of SOMETHING settling on my testes. My brain is fine… College degree, normal life, etc. But, it is NOT HEALTHY for teens body's physically. I have read many studies on this… it's true!
    P.S. When I quit weed… my High School average went from a C- to an A+ & I got into college.

  19. Aww jimmy I dont wanna stop smoking weed. But this pain in my left nut is something serious. Question, do u feel any pains or sensations when you smoke the vape pen? Thanks for the video

  20. I just started getting pain in my left nut like last Friday and now today on Wednesday they both feel a little painful and annoying and I got an ultrasound yesterday and I got a tiny tiny cist on my left nut but that don't explain my right one. I smoke everyday and have since 2013 and I'm gonna quit and let everyone know what's good. So thankful I found this video

  21. You had a picture of the former prime minister of Britain in your video lol at 4:13 Thats David Cameron standing up and he was the worst prime minister ever

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