1. interesting share-first time i reviewed had a rant written on the not discuss that here-but as i reviewed your literature shares-and other internet research and some personal observations based on outdoor and direct sunlight with high uv in area through out summer-came to conclusion that yes it does effect production-had plants covered by shade cloth and day before had removed to expose to complete sun-4 days open with 11+ readings i found it interesting that noticable increase in potency of smell and tris-not very scientific but just observation-it would be vital if you could have an off the record vid of your thoughts on over exposure to uv esp c-and any other feeling you have on this subject-for the masses what you feel worth noting-your literature share vip so manythxs-above ground on bio sphere is much different that enclosed and controlled

  2. Much of what is discussed is generally true, but it goes to both red and blue, hence the NASA studies. I personally from first hand experience found that what really changes is the trichome size itself. hps produces dense material, which has traditionally been desired. I myself used MH in the past throughout. I noticed immediate differences. Although my material was a bit more airy, the trichomes where incredibly large in contrast to hps material. I've now moved to full spectrum COBs(generally sold full spectrum 300w cobs) based on data and will pick up a BLUE heavy set(they are selling full spectrum with higher mixes of blue) to add as the size of the trichomes is a huge difference on the total resin produced; larger trichomes, more desired material. Until I do it first hand, I trust nothing. I see a huge push on QB lights. COBS and QBS are a growers war atm. i think it needs time in discussion. First hand, cross my heart, Blue UV makes trichomes larger.

  3. They are all using data from 1996 that is very outdated and only half ass done never really completed, this is about GREEDY light companies hyping fraudulent info to sell shit to stupid people too lazy to research anything themselves period that is all it is. The cannabis community is full conmen and scammers lying through their teeth to rip of low info fools.

  4. I appreciate you speaking on what actual research has shown. It's so troublesome because cannabis has such a lack of research but from first hand experience it appears with cannabis the trichomes and oils are presented as a protection against UV light and having uv present does atleast visually appear to promote for trichome production. Any plans on doing a side by side grow with the same phenotype with one getting UV supplementation?

  5. Ask urself this … why does a plant produce trichomes?? One answer would be as a defence mechanism the brighter the direct sunt light (the more uv light) the plant recieves the more of a sunblock the plant will produce .. ie .. trichomes … so to answer the question is a no brainer will uv increase the trichome production… i would think so my man.. happy growing everyone

  6. And an even more important question : does high THC levels equate to good weed? I know there is a big fascination with super high numbers, and maybe that stuff sells where you are… but…

  7. Great video as always Shane! Very interesting, although like you say that's a 30 year old experiment, would be nice to see it repeated with the new technology now available to us. Hope all is well with yourself and the rest of the Migro team!

  8. Any chance u can test a biowave?
    I know it’s not a light. Looks like something out of a old sci-fi movie but they’re making big claims

  9. ide say that exposing urself to the uv light is more dangerous thn the high thc ur gunna get. that shouldnt even be considered. the high thc is what we r all watching for XD

  10. right! these lights the best ive ever seen or used in twenty years of experience in this industry . hands down no arguments. got the first migro +600 it is a serious piece of kit ! thankyou shane
    the differences in potency would be fractional and can tell you this the proper enviroment and medium is way more beneficial

  11. won't claim i watched the vid, i didn't but i like shane at Migro, good dude.

    Simple answer is yes, UV will make them pop in flower. Learn about 3 variants of UV first before trying it. Been using UV for 26 years on my plants

  12. Noticed difference with light had uvb that plants under ha d ore trichs and lots of trichs on the sugar leaves and a light without uv but with far red high efficiency light that the trichs production was lower

  13. Another great video Shane…cheers for the info. What makes this video stand out for me is the fact you're using words like "weed" and "cannabis" and pulling back the curtain of shame on growing this magnificent plant. I know, I know…YouTube's still denying the tide's turning and punishing you creaters…and yes, its still illegal here in Ireland…but the sooner we all come out of the closet and normalize cannabis, the sooner we'll join Canada in seeing the light. Thanks again for all the effort you go to to show us YOUR LIGHT(s) dude 🙂

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