1. Truth hardly anything actually gets recycled because of people not rinsing and putting stuff in that doesn't belong, polyvinyl and polystyrene people that's it not every thing you have, cardboard yes cardboard pizza box with greese no come on people this is easy

  2. Anything living uses resources. When the existing species over populateds then resources can not support. Simple as that.

  3. apextv says they're time travelers vacationing among us now. One of them claims Trump will be reelected and if that happens I gotta say I would believe his story, because there should be no way he wins, he is single handedly destroying the world; for the first time in over a century that the average life expectancy has actually gone down.

  4. The movie you asked about with Chris Farley was Groundhog Day. I think they were going down the railroad track in the car and Farley was looking out the window at the train approaching…

  5. That shit happens in Texas all the time! So glad I got out of there and now in a legal state. One of my best friends is getting felony probation for having a half gram hash cart. Fuck prohibition.

  6. Hey scotty…nice comment on O N J….I still watch Her music video's on Laserdisc…(really dating myself)….love your shows..all the guy's..growing my own medicine from Mephisto..auto's..Be well

  7. Podcast just came out today with Dr. Sara Place Phd from U.C. Davis on environment specifically from cattle on peak human podcast

  8. How do you restore soil from tilled soil? Rumiant animals. Why is your ph in your stomach in line with vultures? Why does high fat diet help with seizures, cancers feed on carbs/sugar, diabetes is from carbs. Carbs are the problem. Why does keto fix alot of problems? Keto is high fat low carb. Carnivore is just no carb. What food out there is like this? Animals like beef and fish. Any other diet your over consuming carbs which will lead to diabetez, alzheimers, migraines, cancers. Think im wrong? Listen to the doctors that run hospitals and universities that are saying thjs. Ill point them out for you

  9. Your spreading false information. Listen to human performance outliers podcast, peak human, fundamental health this paul saladino. Zach bitter just broke the 12hr 100mile record on a all meat diet. Shawn baker is in 50's and has a rowing record on all ribeyes. Joe rogan follows a meat based diet. Theres alot of doctors mds phds..ect that expalin it if people would just listen. Frank mitlohner breaks down environment. Bart kay is well known with crazy amount of credentials and follows a carnivore diet. Theres meat heals. Com. Brazil is way behind on the way they raise cattle. And they send most of it to china. 1% makes it to the U.S. You not eating meat will not change the amazon. Paul saladino, brian sanders, jordan peterson, his daughter mihkala peterson.reserach these people. All follow a meat based/carnivore diet.

  10. The great Pacific garbage patch floating in the ocean is fed by about 10 different rivers in the world. 8 of which are in Africa and 2 in Asia. Plastic straws account for 0.03% of plastic waste and are 100% recyclable. paper straws use more carbon emission to produce and are not recyclable, they just degrade over time. your reusable grocery bag must be used 20000 times in order to match the carbon emission emitted to match the plastic bag. I get the waste and non-recycling of these straws and bags is the problem. but still interesting data.

  11. I remember a time where I’d wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for work and watch the show and join in on a cool chat… I don’t see ANY of the OG’s around anymore. James B the only one left. It’s been 5 yrs now.. I guess things change and move on!

  12. Look into how our body processes meat and dairy, it's not good for us and it's making us sick,and making pharmaceutical industrys money,it's a big scam,we can grow our food and our medical needs would be covered with a plant aswell,cannabis has been made a schedule 1 for a reason,to keep us from being able to be self sufficient.

  13. Amazon is not in danger sheep! IT is not a national emergency. The pictures are from others fires years ago. Google amazon fire hoax please sheeple

  14. So Georgia is using a threat to discourage legal hemp growers….justice really is blind….but not the way it was intended

  15. Thank you for mentioning cutting back on meat consumption 😊 I hate hearing the dude talk about plastic bottles when meat causes 10x the environmental damage (and tortures and kills animals as intelligent as dogs) all the plastic for packaging, gas to move heavy dead animal parts, land destruction for mono cropping and to raise cattle (which take more resources to produce than any fruit or vegetable), excessive water consumption, not to mention pigs and cows are extremely intelligent and feel all the emotions humans do.. just saying there is no difference between killing a cat or dog and killing a pig or cow. You don’t have to be vegan but if you care about the environment you probably should cut back on any meat consumption.. I know it’s suuuuuuuuper hard to eat some pasta and veggies instead of indulging in a bacon double cheeseburger, but just doing that, does more than recycling plastic for ten years.. Scotty’s right. Look up where your plastic goes and you will realize how useless it is(look up how much new raw plastic that’s in your recycled bottles.. recycling still supports the non recycled plastic industry) I agree with dude though it’s better to just not buy or support it.

  16. British Columbia is 1.4 times the size of Texas in area, but has a population of just 5 million versus 29 million in Texas.

  17. The smell used to search person/vehicle just had a huge victory in MD supreme Court. If they search for smell, fruit of the poison tree follows gntd

  18. On the fires in the Amazon – my understanding is that the race to cut forest is driven by the US-China trade war and China’s refusal to by US soybeans and corn. With their summer growing season fast approaching, farmers have been racing to slash and burn to plant soybeans and corn to sell to China. They have totally ignored the dry season in hopes of a fast buck. So, inevitably, WE will be blamed even for others’ negligence. Ugh.

  19. Scotty check on Nestle, what they are doing in FL Dude. It is criminal. By the way, no animal uses tools, builds stuff out of mineral, drills for oil or uses fire. Great to see more awareness of environment. Peace

  20. I've seen the needle and the damage done, a little part of it in everyone, every junkies like the setting sun🙏. ☝💚🍁💨. Neil young,

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