Democrats try again for legal marijuana

State Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, reintroduces a bill that would fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. Subscribe to WISN on YouTube now for more: …


  1. Anyone who is opposed to marijuana isn't educated. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. Less dangerous than prescription pills. Pot is the least harmful choice of them all. But the government has a problem because they cant figure a way to control it. Once it is legal people will grow their own. And the government cant make money off that part. But they are missing the huge part where it is a cash crop. Hemp and weed will produce so much more money than these petty drug tickets do . Marijuana was provided by God.
    Let's say this. Man made beer and alcohol. God made pot. Who do you trust ?

  2. This is not political subject and I don't understand why people would think to add a standing, position, etc.
    It's the rights of Americans being restrained from US at the same time manipulating the masses into believing that this is a another political subject and need to be treated as such. Dont believe this lie it's (OUR RIGHT PEOPLE!!)

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