Defoliating your Cannabis to Maximize Flower 2019

This video is one take, all filmed in real time. When I watched it I tripped myself out on the snipping parts as I was still talking lol. Enjoy haha. Defoliating your …


  1. Those girls blew the fk up damn!! Beautiful girls I can't wait to see some titties start growing! ✌ and growers 💘..

  2. I came for the marijuana information but I stay for the voices and wonderful personality of our esteemed presenter. Well done sir, you make cannabis education fun and fruitful.

  3. i love it cause my schedule is right on par with yours within days lol so when u finish im finishing. well my harvest is only fbe size one one plant

  4. I find many people neglect the week 6 in-flower defoliation, I use this to strip all fan leaves without visible sugar that looks good for processing, this just lets so much extra light get to lower nugs hardening them up. Also improves airflow, and reduces room humidity for the finish up period..

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