It’s the night of the next Democratic presidential candidates debate, and we’re all set to watch and comment on that and other political news. Doors will open at 5 …


  1. They don't even have credits in the video or the description of who is on this show … so …
    Carson Bruno …. Tim Anaya ….. Barbara Marshman …. John Zipperer (host)

  2. The first thing the jerk on the left said was about how elizabeth Warren could not get appointed to head the CFPB. NO dummy, the Republican Senate would not appoint the most qualified person for the job. I thought these people were supposed to be experts in language and facts? That guy should be fired for incompetence.

  3. If one really wants to know what Elizabeth Warren will bring to the Presidency, go to her Senatorial YouTube channel and just let some of her performances in her Senate hearing run on … and on …. and on … and on. There is an almost endless list of great cross-exanminations and verbal beatings to incompetent and corrupt CEOs such as the corrupt Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and Trump administration officials like the incompetent and uninformed Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

    Warren's Presidential campaign channel is separate from her Senatorial channel which is here: @nelizabethwarren

    Take a look and prepare to be blown away!

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