Dave Chappelle TEARS INTO #METOO, Abortion & Cancel Culture

Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special on Netflix, Sticks and Stones, has been getting rave reviews from his audience. Some people, however, aren’t impressed …


  1. If you find it difficult to walk on egg shells because you’re afraid of offending others, try thinking of it as being empathetic and kind & doing the very minimum as a human being. If you’re knowingly offending others, you’re not telling jokes, you’re being derogatory.

  2. Dave went out there ready for this to be his last show. I respect what he did because he knew he was going to piss people off, and didn't give a shit. He took one for the team and the world is a better place now. I hope more comic's follow or join his lead.

  3. If we really want to win against isis and taliban. We can get 10k soldiers from America, 10k from china 10k from germany and we go into the middle east and slaughter every single taliban and isis we see they fire in us and we kill them. Then we redact the Quran remove any and all phrases of violence against anyone and burn every single quran that isnt a redacted quran. Problem solved.

  4. What about the 3,000+ architects and engineers that have exposed the controlled demolitions of all THREE WTC structures on 9/11?????

  5. A couple years ago. My mum sat me down with this serious face. She wanted to know if my house was secure. From burglars because there’d been a bit of theft going on. Sneaking in while you’re out back in the garden. Anyway. I asked why so stressed. She points to the tv and say “see it?” Yeah it’s a 64” tv pretty hard to miss, thing is like a big window. “On top, have a look”. I walk over the only thing I see is a tampon. Confused and a little shocked that she’d have one. She’s 87 Like an idiot, I picked it up and looked at her puzzled as F. “That’s to remind me to lockup when we leave”. She says. My brain is in full defcon 5 with WTF repeating instantly. I can’t make any connections to keys, the tv, her people getting robbed. “It’s to remind me some cunt stole my DVD player”. Serious as you could possibly be. To this day, I have no idea wether she trolled me, or was dead serious. But let me tell you, if you knew my mother, you would know how out of character that sentence is.

  6. The simple fact, that his show has all these morons in an uproar, proves how upside down, and backwards this society has become. People today are softer than cloud shit.

  7. The left is a bunch of losers they came and take a fucking joke Dave Chappelle's one of the funniest man alive

  8. Dave Chapelle is LENNY BRUCE level hilarious! I'm 59- so maybe you kids don't get the reference… and also, Ayn Rand would agree with him about abortion IMHO

  9. Before you began commenting, I knew what you were going to say. You telegraphed the shit out your political view.
    Championing Dave doesn't disqualify racist views. It just means you have a sense of humor.

  10. Lol defending your liberty in Afghanistan… You are dumb arnt you… I live in Pakistan and all you are repeating propaganda

  11. what ever happened to the days when people would complain and we'd say harden the f*** up. now people complain and everybody bends to the will of a couple of people. it's good to see Dave Goin against the grain of the current climate

  12. These wasn’t jokes. He was telling the truth it just happened to be funny. Salute to Dave for finally exposing these liars and these bogus movements that was created to tear men down.

  13. Her little, simple, female mind actually believes that speaking the truth is about being "bold" enough to stand up against the culture and not your own personal integrity.  This is why women should be quiet.  They do NOT think like adults.  Ha! Ha!

  14. "It is definitely not child friendly" Been hearing this a whole lot over the past few days. It's a sure shot way to tell that the person talking about Dave Chappelle has never actually watched a Dave Chappelle skit.

  15. Dave is saying what most people are thinking and some of them are too FUCKIN afraid to say . Hey ASSHOLES , stop being afraid to talk up, This IS AMERICA .!!!
    not communist China nor is it communist FUCKIN Russia …
    wake the FUCK UP… learn about your own FUCKING history…
    Read the ( Constitution ) there's your answers… That's the basis of our country.!!! Freedom!!!
    you know( Freedom)??? Do you know what that means???
    Dont let those pussies talk or think for you….Ever…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I actually tried to find it in Netflix and they are literally hiding it unless you are trying to finding it specifically

  17. I agree that Chappelle brought up some good digs against the LGBTQ radicals, but his routine was nearly identical to Owen Benjamin's bit, so Chappelle's writers might be guilty of plagiarism. (I recommend listening to JF Gariepy's take regarding this possibility on his channel.)

    Conservatives gush over Black people who aren't PC, but don't be fooled. Dave Chappelle is antiwhite. He makes fun of the opiate crisis in the White community, and justifies his ridicule because he allegedly grew up poor. (I heard his mom is an academic in DC.) I'm a poor White woman. Does that mean I can get away with making fun of Blacks, in the same manner? I think not. Black privilege is alive and well.

    Did any of you Second Amendment fans find Chappelle's call for a gun grab, directed at White men, disturbing? That bit was especially hypcritical, considering Blacks commit violent crimes at wildly disproportionate rates, worldwide. The death toll of of the mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa is just an average weekend in Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago. Check out Colin Flaherty's podcast, for details.

    Whenever a White guy with a gun goes ballistic, that's all we hear about for weeks on end, but the MSM sweeps these ubiquitous rapes, armed robberies, riots, home/public transit invasions, carjackings, and murders among Blacks, under the rug. Double standards of decency abound.

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