1. What about flavored alcohol like u do not know what u r saying doctor or not I'm 32 years old I have been smoking over 18 years and this helped me quit this is wrong y r we going crazy about flavor e cigarettes but yet noone want to ban flavor alcohol that's brings teens to be intrested smh

  2. I gave up smoking and started vaping . This then made me stop alcohol then junk food .Then i became vegan quite easy when i couldn't go vegan with smokes and alcohol because the good food would not except it. I drank alcohol and smoked for 20 years . Vaping helped me to go vegan then i got so healthy and fit that vaping started to make me feel crap and sick so i gave it up to . I'm now everything my mind was chasing and i am so happy . Take it on !!! Good luck …

  3. She started good and then the anti vape campaign.
    1e: popcornlung story is already debunkt.
    2e vape explodes… same as mobile phones.
    How many people dies from falling a sleep with a normal sigaret? You don't see that in the news.
    We do know a lot about vaping.
    95%safer than smoking,even more.
    And nicotine don't cause cancer and get you sick.
    Look more at the europian studies.
    Example the uk. Help people to switch from smoking to vaping.

  4. I have a couple of corrections for your video…. There was an air quality test done by the state of California on second hand vape. According to the data from the test there was no harmful chemicals detected. The air quality test was done in a vape shop under extreme conditions, everyone in the shop was vaping. Now this was in a small area closed off which is not a likely situation that a typical person will encounter. I have attached a link to the article and results https://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2017/05/vape-shop-air-sampling-by-california.html. There has been multiple health organizations that have done studies on vaping.

    are just a couple of links to studies.

    Vaping is not for minors, just because there are different flavors doesn't mean it's for kids. There is a legal age for all tobacco products and vaping is regulated as tobacco. It's the parent's responsibility to monitor there kids and ensure they are not using tobacco. Alcohol contains numerous flavors that would be attractive to kids but you don''t see a bunch of kids running around drunk. Not all flavors include Diacetyl, that is in mainly creamy flavors. Vegetable Glycerin is medical grade and safe for use according to the FDA. Propylene glycol is also medical grade and is a common chemical in everyday things. Here is a link to give an idea of the common things it is in https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/propylene-glycol. Not all ejuice contain nicotine. There are different milligrams that people choose, some choose 0mg to vape. I make my own ejuices so I can assure you not all flavors contain those chemicals that you refer to. You also have to be careful of what company you choose to buy your ejuices from, it's just like any other product you buy, you have to make sure you are getting the best quality.

    The is no data to support the claim that many people that vape also smoke cigarettes, I'm pretty sure it's the opposite. No data to support the claim that vaping is a gateway into serious drugs. Certain devices can explode if you are not maintaing your device or using it properly. It runs on a battery and poses the same danger as other devices that use batteries. Proper safety needs to be adhered to when using anything with a battery. A lot of the times the devices that have exploded was due to the user being careless of the device or using a mechanical device which is not advised if you are not experienced.

  5. I am innocent DR, I don't smoke, don't drink Alcohol and do no illegal drugs and I never will DR.
    Black people watch your sodium intake (Salt) and Fry foods and sweet drinks, We are dying in numbers with cardiovascular diseases.
    John Singleton (director of boyz n the hood) died at age 51.
    Singer Peabo Bryson is currently hospitalized for Heart Attack.
    Lauren Braxton (The Braxton Family)– the daughter of Toni's younger brother, Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. — died Monday according to her father,her death was related to a heart condition.
    I am telling you we are dying, this food in America is killing us. Heart disease is now attacking the young people in their 20s, this not just old age people.
    We are dying, please be active, make time for GYM, ride a bike along the trail and watch what you eat and drink, sodium in these packaged foods are one of the main sources of our problems.
    You Pork, Ham and Fry Bacon Eating alway at Great American Buffet STOP! STOP! STOP IT!

  6. I quit smoking due to vaping. I did a lot of personal research and continue to do so since I still vape. One thing I would add is that, the catastrophic failure of vape devices is typically user error. Improper battery safety and ignorance to ohms law. Also not these POD style devices youth are attracted to. Since the primary avenue for education and information on vape devices is YouTube, the media never expresses these failures, benefits or required responsibility properly. Kids/teen will do anything they are not supposed too, which is why most adults are smokers. It is the responsibility of parents to teach and prevent their kids from obtaining devices. No vaper believes vaping is SAFE, but we are living testament that it is 95% safer than cigarettes. As far as eliquid, a real vaper knows exactly what's in there liquid. They come from good companies that have developed great relationships with its community.

  7. Good Video.

    No doubt vaping is not good as it's not natural to the body. I do think overall, the general public is all over the place with information, with some that is true and some that is not. The overall problem with Vaping is that it's being abused. I can say for a fact that it does help cigarette smokers as I know some people who completely quite both smoking cigarette and nicotine.
    As you stated in a way, the problems are teens and people who don't smoke start vaping when they don't need to. Also I see a growing number of people who does vaping as a hobby which can change the direction of the purpose of vaping.
    I also think the public need to separate the problem of cigarette and Vaping. First off, cigarette should be notice as an automatic "no no." I also think vaping should stay, but only if some how (a big some how) we can keep it focused on it's intended purpose which is to help smoker quite smoking. I also think the government need to start setting regulation standards for both e juices and their devices. Regulation that can help are nicotine levels, age limitation, no mechanical mods (devices), and what can be put into juice or whatever else along the same line. I also think government should encourage people to have doctors help guide people through the process of using vape to quite smoking while monitoring there health.

    Overall, I think their is potential in the use of vape devices. It just needs to be guided in the right direction and contained in a way to keep its focus.

  8. Daer doctor
    No offense but if you do such video you should know the facts.
    Diacetyl and popcorn lung: It is actually correct what you said. There were found tiny amounts of it in some liquids. But we know real cigarettes produce this chemical too but in a much bigger amount and even we know smoking causes a lot of diseases the popcorn lung is none of it so its not relevant in this conversation.
    Formaldehyde is actually produced by our bodies. In real cigarettes there is a much higher concentration. In vaping products there is as much formaldehyde as in brathing air. I know the study that claimed they found a lot of it. They heated the e cigarette up way too high. Its not a real scenario cause if you heat up the e cigarette this way it tastes really bad and nobody foes this.
    Nicotine: We had teen smokers for decades. There was no brain demage. In this case we have studies from rats and mouses in which case the brsin was demaged but you cant apply it to humans as we work different. The blood pressure part is true but it is a really minor effect not dangerous for ppl without heart problems.
    Nicotine and adfiction: Most ppl believe nicotine is very addictive. We know that smoking is really addictive and nicotine plays a role in it. But there are other chemicals which make together with nicotine the effect. There were studies they gave ppl nicotine patches for half a year and they did not get addicted.
    Last but not least nicotine has benefits for the brain. It can prevent alzheimer etc.

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