1. Thanks everyone for learning and commenting. Can you PLEASE SHARE this video with a couple of people or in your social network. IMAGINE the impact if just 1 person in your neighbourhood STOPS using HERBICIDES, on your, your pets and neighbors’ health. Thank you.

  2. Lol my neighbor would pull all the time but I thought my boys how to blow on the seeds everywhere loops neighbours pull some more

  3. I came home from kindergarten one day and the front yard was so crowded with dandelion there was no green to be seen. It was breathtakingly beautiful. To this day dandelion is my favorite flower.
    … the yard was most likely calcium deficient as the other indicators don't fit my memory of the yard.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Have that much dandelion in my front and back garden that i can't see any grass there is millions of them in my small front and back garden i just let them grow but now coming into Autumn i will have to cut them other words i will have the lose kingdom lol

  5. In Southerm Europe, simmered dandelion greens with olive oil, red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt was a spring staple. Delious.

  6. This is a cool video. The comments are so familiar. Growing up, we had each a job to go into the empty lot behind the house and to pop dandelions up with a fork, lambsquarters as well and something called nettle. I won't get to see the end of this video but I think the geese were fighting over there stems because they are calcium rich and they need the calcium to harden the egg shells when they lay an egg. I need to subscribe and see more I love this

  7. love dandelions! they are sooo beneficial for our health. my livestock (alpacas & sheeps) love them as well – and unlike humans, animals will not eat cr.p …..

  8. As a bee keeper and wine maker, we let them go, to a point…it's nice to have a maintained yard as well, but living in the country, we just rotate where we let them go, along with the Daisy's and assortment of other wildflowers that love to thrive in our yard. Thanks for the great video!

  9. Bonjour Stefan.
    When i was around 4 years old i asked my dad about a few plants and flowers…

    He asked me to shut up. That they were all weeds… But you know what… deep inside i knew how wrong he was…

    Thanks again….

  10. Now that I have learned from you what dandelion does in the yard, I am tickled to see two dandelion plants happily growing beside something I bought and planted in my flower bed early this summer and has just not grown. When I water it, I water the dandelion, too. Happy for the help to make the soil right for that flailing plant.

  11. The reason you have Dandelions is because the seeds just happened to blow there.There are so many different types of weeds unnoticed due to not having flowers.Yes I think they are great and if you have to get rid of them then take the time and dig up the root.You then wash the root and put it in a frying pan with olive oil and garlic and a little salt and pepper.What you have then done is create a food source that is extremely rich in selenium which will make your liver healthy.

  12. I bought dandelion seeds in bulk (probably about 5,000), and broadcast them in my yard. I did a rake-over for parts of it, and before long, I had some (not too many) that came up. I enjoyed dandelion greens for weeks when they were old enough to pick. I just ordered some more, to plant in prepared soil, hoping I get a better bunch this time. They really are delicious. But most people only think of them as these dinky little ground plants, because most never get big enough before getting mowed. Mine got to about four feet tall before flowering. There are different kinds, though, and as I said, you can find them on eBay in bulk.

  13. Very interesting video. Much more informational than just a usual garden video. It's amazing how nature works and tries to heal the earth and keep it healthy.

  14. Dear Sir , you have just made me love 💗 DANDELIONS !!! I will never pull out the Dandelions on my property again !!! Thank you for sharing this great 👍 information !!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋😘😘😘😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😃😃😃

  15. There is a dandy line Apocalypse going on right now there is no dandy lines of this year anywhere last year hundreds in my yard never treated my yard for dandylion control no dandylion to this year why

  16. Can you somehow add calcium to your yard to discourage dandelion growth? Would lime be good? My neighbors all spray herbicides to kill them, so they look at my lawn with disgust, like the source of the plague. I'm not going to spray and I'm not going to dig them up, but I don't want my neighbors to hate me either.

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