1. LMAO Why is his weed so bad wtf.. hes getting played i bet someone buying reggie for him and getting payd big for it coming up fat

  2. Yeah, I heard their stuff is trash… They just grow to be on Instagram bro… it’s trendy now days man, that’s why ya gotta stick with the small farms that care about their product, glad I’ve never wasted my money on their stuff… thanks guys!

  3. The reason Shane thought it was smooth out the bong at first is cause it milked up pretty weird at half capacity like a really low temp dab frig ignite and their boof packs

  4. Dan Bilzerian dosent even smoke his own product I bet yet hes always dabbing with butane torches… when he has millions to buy a enail fakest stoner I've seen on the market.. Good honest review guys dont let these companies buy you off 😀

  5. Proper light dep is some fire, cannot hate on light dep when done right. Remember, it all depends on the grower. I've seen indoor that looks like shitty mexican brick weed all because of the grower that grew it. I've seen and have even grown outdoor myself that would put a lot of people's indoor to shame.

  6. well this just confirms my theory that you guys don't even actually know what bad weed is. not saying this weed is the best on the planet, but if you really think thats a 0/10 then boy do you guys have no idea. it can get much much worse.

  7. 100% truth!!!!!! all of their products are garbage. A dispensary very close to my house here in vegas carries TONS of ignite. They push the hell out of that poo. concentrates are worse lol…..i drive 9.6 miles to go to a dispensary that carries none of their products lol…. S/O ShowGrow LVNV S/O THECCC420!!!!!!

  8. This review got me dyin. This is why I fuck with the tripe c 420. You guys are always honest with you reviews, I know I can trust your reviews. Thanks guys!

  9. Bruhhh, this shit was funny asf. You guys should take more for the team and smoke some more shitty weed 😂😂 next up try High Season 💀💀💀

  10. look like it's over a year old… i got outs from 2017 that look better. look at the fucking stem on that shit… oxidized

  11. wow you guys are harsh I'm glad you wasted the money on it and not me thanks for saving me fifty-five bucks cuz I was actually going to go buy that for my next review 😁

  12. It needed to be done. Thanks for taking one for the team. Even though I doubt most viewers would even think to buy that stuff, but we've all been dying to know how that stuff is…well, we all called it. That dude Dan B needs to stick to his extra-heated dabs, crusty hookers and pre-workout.

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